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Creative And Crafty Ways To Display Your Photographs

Whether you are celebrating a life milestone such as a wedding or anniversary or simply grabbed your camera at the right time and captured a magical m…

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A Fantastic Adventure? Taking the Family to Live in Another Country

Pexels- CC0 Licence

It's something that we've all considered when we have been out traveling for some time. When we go somewhere that seems…

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How To Paint A Canvas

Pixabay - CC0 License


You’ve often heard the expression “blank canvas” to describe the ability to start anew or afresh. But unless you’ve…

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4 Things That Will Get You To Become Artistic At Home

We are now in the grace of spring and that means bright colors, lots of vibrancy around the world, and a new beginning for so many living things. For …

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Craft Your Blog The Right Way With These Essential Tactics

Just as you would carefully think about and plan your next craft project, success in blogging requires the right steps to be followed as well. The goo…

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Why Eyeglasses Are So Expensive

(Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash)


Anyone with bad eyes can regale the pains of shopping for eyeglasses, or even worse, the steep price tag t…

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4 Of The Best Authors You Have Never Heard Of!

We've got some great fiction author suggestions that will keep you and your family amused during these trying times? Although, to make things a little…

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Six Reasons to Read More


As a nation, we have a love-hate relationship with reading. Some people love it, and will read anything that falls across their lap - and ot…

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Ways To Style Your Home More Personally

Your home is yours to enjoy, and even though you may have guests over to come and stay, it still remains yours. And that can be important because havi…

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3 Stenciling Tips to Transform Any Room

Stenciling has become increasingly popular thanks to the farmhouse and Bohemian style movements. More than ever, people are looking for unique ways to…

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3 Reasons Businesses Depend On Creative Minds More Than Ever Before

For years, the creative industry has been viewed with some degree of mocking. People in creative jobs have been looked at as people who don’t want to …

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Tips To Get More Creativity In Your Life

It’s important for everyone in life to have a creative outlet, and whatever that is, it’s good to have it because it gives you opportunities to explor…

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Creatively Frustrated? It's Time To Make Your Home More Inspiring

Whether you create for a living or as a hobby, it can be extremely frustrating when a


In virtually all cases getting away from your desk or ease…

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The Power Of One Tray! Making The Most Of Oven Meals

Pixabay - CC0 Licence


The big problem we've all got these days is that there is no opportunity to make healthy meals. When we’re all so b…

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There's No Such Thing As Too Much Where These 5 Crafting Staples Are Concerned

This is a submitted post.

Unsplash Image: CC0 License


It’s fair to say that a crafter’s tool kit is their temple. Without this little piec…

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Make 2020 the Year You Try More New Things

This is a submitted post.


A new year and a new decade are upon us. And for many, this is the time to start enacting positive changes in all a…

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6 Fun Facts About Indiana

This is a submitted post.

Image Credit: Alpha Stock Images


Indiana is a state that’s often looked over by the rest of the country, but…

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10 Tips to Get the Best Prices When Buying on the Internet

This is a submitted post.


The internet is a fantastic place to buy virtually anything. It could be your groceries, video games or even digita…

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Don't Know Which NYC Broadway Show To See? This Should Help!

This is a submitted article.


If you’re planning a trip to Broadway in the Big Apple, you want to make sure that you spend your time in the be…

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Are Vitamin Supplements Essential for Helping Your Kids Grow?

Food photo created by freepik -


You’ve likely heard that vitamins are important for helping your kids grow and to stay heal…

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