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4 Things That Will Get You To Become Artistic At Home

We are now in the grace of spring and that means bright colors, lots of vibrancy around the world, and a new beginning for so many living things. For those of you that love to live in a world of spectacular spectrums, this is a perfect time to start letting out your more artistic nature. There are quite a few things you can do to lift up your spirits and bring calm into your world, through artistic endeavor. It's quite a remarkable time and nature is not going to leave any stone unturned. You could be part of this new awakening with things like bespoke plant pots, incredible flower baskets, and amazing figurines. If you want to express what you see and feel, perhaps place your artwork across your home, these are the things you should be spending your time doing now.


What you hope it will be

Plant pots are incredible blank canvases. We see them as large clay surfaces that have to remain ‘of the earth’ in their presentation. Hence why we leave them bare and rely on the flowers to express the beauty of the world. But what if you could paint your flower pots in a fashion that would express what you hope the flowers will be?


Easy and bold

If you want to make your flower pots beautiful but you’re just starting out, you can make life simple with a white spray paint base. Cover the whole flower pot in a rich coating and leave it to dry. Once it's dry you can use polymer glue which sticks to clay surfaces, to wrap pattern paper around the outside. It's so easy and simple, and yet, very effective. There’s no end to the types of styles you can choose and it's also very cost-effective.


Being brash

If you would rather go all-out and paint your flower pot by hand, you should do the same again with the white spray base. This just gives you a nice clean canvas to work on. Only use pastel paints for your first try. They are thick and they cling to just about any surface. Paint the types of flowers and scenes that you want. Will you paint a meadow or wooden farm gate for a daffodil flower you’re growing? Maybe you are growing a tulip, in which case, paint a forest of tulips around the outside. Get artistic and be a little brash.


Breathing life into the stillness

Figurines are great to have around the home. They’re small so they don't take themselves too obviously. Yet they are amazing expressions of your personality and sense of culture. Blank limestone figurines are great canvases for you to paint on and make the figures into what you want them to be. Ballet figurines can be painted in a particular style, which would denote the era you’re most interested in. The white and pink color scheme would make it more Russian and part of the Soviet Era. If you want something that is more Western European, go for the baby blue and white for the French ballet style. If you prefer something more British, paint your figurines in a more British racing green style, together with a cream color. 


The figurines can be painted with a normal arts and crafts brush but you should note what kind of surface you’re painting on. If it's limestone then you can use oil paints which will stick to the surface. If you have a metal figurine, perhaps bronze or brass, then using specialist metal surface paint is the option for you. It's important you allow the figurines to dry indoors and then give them another coating if it's needed. 


A mystical dream painting

Cross-stitching is very popular because you get to make something beautiful, but don’t need to worry and fuss about it. It's a great stress-relieving activity that has taken the arts and crafts world by storm. However, there’s always something better and it comes in the form of diamond painting from A mix of cross-stitching and paint by numbers, this painting activity is easy to follow yet allows you to create incredibly beautiful pictures that you can hang up on your wall. Take a look at the Enchanted Tree painting, which is nothing short of something mystically powerful, from Lord of the Rings. You get all the equipment you need with each product, so there’s nothing extra you need to buy separately. There are lots of different categories and paintings to choose from. From people, animals, abstracts, Disney, fantasy, and towns to name a few, you can pick out any iconic image and create a dazzling diamond painting of it at home.


A ‘marbleous’ painting

There is no shortage of creative painting styles. People like Andy Worhol showed the world that you could use almost anything to paint and that abstract painting was really an attempt to connect your body and mind to the world. A good way to make an abstract painting is to let your hand freely glide across the canvas. Or better yet, use marbles that have been dipped in paint, to roll across the canvas.


Marble painting is simple. You get different kinds of marbles, with varying weights, sizes, and textures, and you drop them into watercolor paint. Then you roll them on the canvas from different heights and angles. What you get is structured chaos or a gentle ballet of the colors and impacts that the marbles make. Set down a sheet that you don’t mind throwing away or perhaps put a piece of paper inside a cardboard box lid. This allows you to roll the marbles from end to end without making your home dirty. Won’t all the paintings look the same? No, it depends on what color scheme you’re using and the way you roll the marbles. Rolling them at speed will create a wave splash effect, signifying quickness and violent movement. Gentle rolling in neutral colors will act like the winds of a soft dream. 

Springtime gets the best of us in some ways. Hayfever and hot temperatures aren’t for everyone. But the vibrancy of the world is at its highest, so you should feel the urge to be more expressive and thus, become artistic at home!

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