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Blog posts September 2015

Send a Treat Package

I just tried the Caramel Crispy from Gourmet Gifter. It was buttery, crunchy and sweet. A great treat. Think Rice Crispy Treat with caramel. Yum…

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Fall Festival Deals Nationwide

Ready for some Fall Festival Deals!  I have put together a great list of Corn Maze Coupons and Fall Festival savings nationwide.  Download valuable …

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Crochet Hook Sizes

When I crochet I usually pick a hook and some yarn and start. I don't always follow a pattern. I knew the larger hook made a larger stitch but I rea…

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Figure Eight Beaded Bracelet

The other day I made a bracelet for my daughter. After seeing it, my other daughter said, "you could make me a bracelet!" So here is that version. I…

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Chick-fil-a Love It!

You may not know this but this is my third year working with Chick-fil-A through their mom's panel. This group is filled with fantastic mom blogge…

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Pink October

Breast Cancer has always been something to survive in my mind. My mother had it twice in her life, surviving both times. My best friend survived i…

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Spring Crafts for Kids

The whole family can enjoy creating these projects together and decorating your home with bright, "springy" colors. Help everyone wake up from the…

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Uses for Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is the one go to oil for your skin. A great one stop shop if you will for all your beauty needs. The reason why is that it mimics your ow…

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Coffee or Tea?

Which do you please, coffee or tea? Coffee in bean, grounded, or K-cup? Tea in leaf, bag or K-cup? How about hot or cold? You decide, but The Co…

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Wool Dryer Balls

I love using Feeling Fluffy Handmade Wool Dryer Balls in our dyer. We don't run the dryer without them. In fact, we just leave them in the dryer r…

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Hotel Transylvania 2

On a dreary Saturday morning the troops at Try it - Like it packed it up to go see a preview of Hotel Transylvania 2. The weather seemed so approp…

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Paper Lantern Crafts

A beautiful paper lantern that can be used as a centerpiece for your table scape, side table or wedding tables. They are easy and quick to make whil…

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No Carb No Calories Noodles and Rice

Gluten free   •   Soy free   •   No calories   •   No carbs   •   All natural

Can there really be anything better for your h…

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Don't Fear Getting a Shot

You no longer need to fear getting a shot. The Shot Blocker does just that, it blocks the pain. I bought it after hearing about it in a mom's group.…

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Beaded Bracelet

Girls Beaded Bracelet was made using beads from a bead kit from the dollar store. The dollar store is a great place to find glass beads in a color p…

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House Painting with HomeRight

We are in the process of painting our house. We have painted it before as well as paid for it to be painted. We decided to paint it ourselves to sav…

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Faux Stained Glass Wind Spinner Craft

This fun wind spinner is made from recycling plastic container lids. I used lids from Pringles cans but any clear plastic lid will work. 



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The Biggest Story :: Enter to Win

This beautiful book,The Biggest Story; is surely one you will want to add to your family's library. A great story to read to your children o…

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Peaceful Fruit :: Review and Giveaway

Looking for an organic snack? Do you want GMO-free? And healthy? How about a socially good snack? You can get all that and more in Peaceful Fruits. …

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School Station Craft

I know most kids are deeply set in their school routines for the year but my kids just started school today. We are fortunate to have found the be…

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