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6 Fun Facts About Indiana

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Indiana is a state that’s often looked over by the rest of the country, but if you’re a real resident of the Hoosier State, you know that this place has a lot to offer. This Midwestern state might be known for producing corn and hay, but there are a lot more interesting things that Indiana has going on as well. Whether you’ve been a true Hoosier your whole life or have never set foot in Indiana, here are some facts you may have never heard about this beloved state.

Santa Claus is Real

If you’ve ever written a letter as a child to the North Pole in hopes that Santa Claus would receive it, you might be surprised to know that it likely ended up in Santa Claus, Indiana. The Santa Claus post office is the only one in the country to bear this name. Over half of a million letters end up here each Christmas from all over the world, a tradition that has been maintained for over 100 years. Don’t worry about your letter getting to Santa, though. Santa’s elves make sure each child, naughty or nice, receive a personalized response.

A Major Player in Baseball History

If you’re a real Hoosier, you’ve probably heard that Indiana played a huge role in America’s pastime. The first game of major league baseball was held in Fort Wayne in 1871. You may have already heard that, but did you know that the iconic baseball anthem “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” has its roots in Indiana as well?  Albert Von Tilzer, an Indianapolis native, wrote the music to this catchy tune, while Jack Norworth of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania put together the lyrics.

At a Crossroads

You may know that the Indiana state motto is “the Crossroads of America.” but what exactly does this mean? Prior to this motto’s adoption in 1937, Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, was nicknamed the Crossroads of America due to the fact that many interstate highways traveled through this city. Holding a piece of Indianapolis real estate back in the day meant you had direct access to roads that headed all over the country, and that many people traveling across the country and back would pass by you through this major city. Indiana also has more miles of Interstate Highway than anywhere else in the country.

The Saturday Evening Post

The headquarters for the Saturday Evening Post are located in Indianapolis. This iconic publication, one of the oldest magazines in America, is famous for its covers featuring work by Normal Rockwell. It is still in circulation today, having been revamped in 2013 with a new look and logo to dispel the notion that it had gone out of print and gain more notice.

Famous Residents

Over history, there have been many notable individuals who considered Indiana their home. One of these individuals is Jim Davis, the creator of the cartoon cat Garfield. Some others are Michael Jackson, Red Skelton, David Letterman, Axl Rose, and James Dean. Even Abraham Lincoln lived in Indiana during his childhood. While you may think he was from Kentucky, the iconic Colonel Sanders was actually from Henryville, Indiana, way back before he began selling fried chicken.

Corydon, Indiana

While you may have heard of the city of Corydon, many may not be aware that it was formerly the capital of Indiana. Unfortunately for Corydon, in the mid-1820s, Indianapolis took over this esteemed title and pushed Corydon to the backburner. However, it’s still a great place to visit if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the history of Indiana.


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