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Ways To Style Your Home More Personally

Your home is yours to enjoy, and even though you may have guests over to come and stay, it still remains yours. And that can be important because having a home is one thing but having a home with personality is really essential. It needs to be something that’s clearly and visibly yours. If you have your guests seeing your property for the first time, you want them to think that it’s very much you - in the form of a house. Here are some ways to style your home more personally.

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Choose Colors You Like

Colors can really change the way a room looks, whether you’re splashing paint on the walls or changing the color of the room with soft furnishings and feature pieces. The colors that you identify with your personality or that you love should be in your home somewhere. You might want to do a feature wall or paint all your walls the same color, but make sure it’s something that you love and that you’ll end up loving for a while. Painting or adding wallpaper can be a bit of a job's worth, but with soft furnishings, you can swap stuff in and out quite easily. When it comes to colors, they can spark different emotions in each of us, and so you want the best ones that are going to make you feel good all the time, no matter how good or bad a day has been. Coming home to a place that’s colorful in the way that you want, it is important to have!


Start Personalizing Your Stuff

There are lots of ways that you can inject personality, but one of the most literal ways to personalize your home is to start personalizing the stuff that you own. Whether it is a skinny tumbler or mug with your name on it or embroidering your pillow covers with the initials of you and your partner on it. Being able to really put your personal touch on things can make it feel more like your own place, no matter what you have in it. Other ways of personalizing your home are by getting things custom-made to fit your space. You could get sofas or beds that have been made to tailor your sizes in height and how much space you’d like to lounge in or on.


Frame Some Photos

Personal photos of family and friends are a great way to decorate your home. Artwork might look nice, but unless it’s something really meaningful, it can often be something that’s pretty generic. So take some of those photos you have stored online and get them printed in canvas frames or posters and start placing them around the home. Put the ones of you and your partner in your bedroom and perhaps family portraits leading down your staircase wall. The more photos you have of your loved ones, the better. There’s nothing like seeing a photo, and it brings happy memories.


Don’t Forget The Smaller Details

The small details of your home are the ones that can really show your personality off the most. The little quirky home decor pieces might be unusual to some people, but for you, they ring true to who you are as a person and what you’ve experienced in life. Don’t forget to fill your home with meaningful pieces of furniture and trinkets, rather than just the generic household stuff that everyone has. You want your place to be unique and to be something that really stands out on its own.


Create Your Own Household Scent

Every household has a scent. Some scents can be pleasant, whereas some others might be a bit funky. You want to have a home scent that makes you come home from a long day at work and immediately puts you at ease. Creating a scent is dependent on what you want to use. There are lots of different air fresheners and wax melts, but you’ve also got incense sticks that can be used too. Pick a scent that you identify most positively with and then use that all over the home on a regular basis. Spray it on every and anything and find variations of that scent in candles too.


Styling your home more personally is important for your mental wellbeing, and to feel at home in your property. Home is where the heart is, but it’s also important to identify your own personality with your home. If you share it, it needs to have elements of everyone!


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