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4 Of The Best Authors You Have Never Heard Of!

We've got some great fiction author suggestions that will keep you and your family amused during these trying times? Although, to make things a little more fun, we have used the authors' real names rather than their pen names. Why not test yourself to see if you can work out who they are in the post below. Answer at the bottom! No peeking! 


Eric Arthur Blair

This writer created many famous books, available in print and on e-readers. Some of which have ended up on school curriculums for English literature. Perhaps one of his most famous works was a veiled comment on the problems of communism, set in a pastoral setting. 


In another of his works, he comments on the overuse of surveillance in society, predicting a dystopian future where we are not even free to think our own thoughts. 


Picture located at Pexels - License CC0 


Daniel Handler 

This author's pen name has a rather zesty ring to it, and the dark and looming world created for a young adult audience is as entertaining as it is unfortunate. Not least for the protagonists that reside within it. 


Perhaps the most appealing qualities of the series of books Daniel Handler wrote is his character's refusal to give up even in the direst of circumstances. Despite the fact, they are children who, at first glance, seem to have little control over the situations that occur. 


Although, of course, a special mention must be made for his talent in crafting eccentric villains, which delight all that encounter his work. One, in particular, that is personified in film by Jim Carey and on TV by Neil Partick Harris.  


Ted Geisel

Ted or Theodore Geisel specialized in children's books. In fact, you might say he was the clinician of rhyme. He created many a-beloved character, including a notable feline with headgear and a green fellow who wasn't very keen on Christmas. He also came up with a little mustachioed fellow that spoke up for ecologism before it was all the rage. 


Ted also was fond of illustrating his books as well, which he did with a bold, bright, whimsical style that is as popular with kids today as it has even been. Many of his books have been made into films with stars such as Jim Carey and Mike Myers playing the leading roles. 


Robert Galbraith

You have likely come across the magical work of this author. In fact, they have created a whole universe that is loved by fans across the world. Their work has also been turned into some very popular films. There is a studio tour in the UK and an entire universe dedicated to their creation in the US.


Of course, you may be used to hearing them referred to as she. In fact, this author and philanthropist is so well known that she opted for a male pen name for some of her later, less magical books. The idea is so they would be judged objectively, and not on her previous wizard reputation. 

(George Orwell, Lemony Snicket, Dr. Seuss, J.K Rowling) 


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