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Hallmark Christmas Show Schedule

Hallmark has announced their countdown to Christmas movie schedule. It's time to get your blanket and cocoa ready and on hand. Place your favorite shows on your schedule so you don't miss any. You can download their list at the following link. [countdown to Christmas]

100 Book Challenge

Are you an avid reader? There are many lists of books for you to work your way through. If you are ready for a challenge, consider the list from the BBC of 100 Books to Read Before You Die. I am currently working my way through the list and I have made it easier for you. I created a spreadsheet of the books with a column for you to mark off if you have read it or seen the movie. There are also columns for where you can get the ebook for free, from either The Gutenberg Project or Amazon. I hope you find it helpful. So, are you ready to take the challenge? To begin, download this free spreadsheet and then get busy reading! [100 book spreadsheet]

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My Mother's Quilts :: Book Review

A quilt is love that serves a purpose.

A devotional book that combines religion and creativity and how the lives intertwine between the two. Ramona Richards shares the creation of family and friends quilts along with bible verses and devotions that relate to each other. You will love the personal stories alongside the images of beautiful quilts. This book speaks to the heart. 

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Worthy Inspired (March 8, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 1.1 x 7.3 inches

About the Author:

Ramona Richards is an award-winning editor, speaker, author of nine books, and a frequent contributor to devotional collections. An avid live music fan, Ramona loves Nashville, which she’s called home since she was ten. Sensing her mother was near the end of her life, Ramona documented her mother’s stories and lessons behind each family quilt. These stories form the devotions in My Mother’s Quilts. Find out more about Ramona and her books by visiting her online at


Win one of the quilts featured in #MyMothersQuilts by Ramona Richards. Also up for grabs: loads of other prizes including quilting hand warmers, coloring books, and 25 signed copies of Ramona’s book. Winners will be emailed after the contest ends on June 30, 2016. Click the image to get started!

Official site-

Buy: Shop Better Books   $11

I received a copy of this book in order to provide an honest review. 

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The Gift Giver - Book Review


I like how The Gift Giver ties together the Christian meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus. I have always loved the image of Santa Claus and enjoy celebrating him with my children over the years. I enjoyed being reminded of the symbolism of gift giving and why we celebrate. It truly is a simplistic idea and one that our culture has run away with; loosing the pure meaning and celebration that is Christmas to a Christian. Consider sharing this beautifully illustrated book with your loved ones this Christmas season. The illustrations are timeless and classical. The Gift Giver is surely a book that will provide a wonderful reading and sharing experience for the entire family. Make it a part of your Christmas traditions this year. Available now on Amazon or directly through the book’s website (link provided below). 

Written by: Jacob Haslem and Nick Allen
Illustration by: Elissa Weaver

From Amazon:
On Christmas Eve a boy stirs from sleep to find an old man, in the living room, dressed in red with a bag full of gifts. Excitement soon gives way to disappointment as he finds he has received fewer gifts than expected. The old man sees the young boy's protest and tells the story of his origins and his motives. As the boy becomes privy to this mystery, a question comes to his mind: is it by magic that the old man accomplishes his task, or is it something else... The lesson he learns will change the way he views Christmas forever! If you are a fan of The Polar Express, and T'was the Night Before Christmas, you will love The Gift Giver.

Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (August 28, 2015)
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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10 Ways to Bother People on a Plane

Traveling by plane is like putting sardines in a can. Most planes are so crowded, it is easy to get on someone’s nerves. Air travel is stressful, don’t add to their stress levels by being a bother. 

You might be surprised to find that crying babies aren’t on the list. As parents, we all can sympathize with you. Don’t worry about it, we have all been there at one time or another. But if you want, try rubbing their ears or offering a bottle. They are probably crying due to the shift in air pressure which builds up pressure in their ears.

1.    Paint your nails

    Since the air is recycled, the smell carries throughout the plane.

2.   Wear a heavy amount of cologne or perfume. And please don’t reapply it on the plane!
    Keep in mind people have allergies and when the air is recycled throughout the plane you probably are going to be affecting someone if not more than one allergy sufferer.

3.    Don’t follow the rules.

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine. The fasten seatbelt sign is on and you get up. The flight attendants come over the speaker and say to remain seated with your seatbelt fastened and you still get up. You aren’t privileged, you are the same as everyone else on the plane. Stay seated! And don’t rush to the front of the plane during deplaning, wait for those in front of you to go first.

4.    Eat smelly food
    I understand needing to eat. I know the time between flights isn’t often enough to finish your meal so you have to grab it and bring it on the plane to eat it. No problem. But when you bring something that stinks to high heavens, and smells like it was ripe a week ago know you are going to really get under someone’s skin. 

5.     Bring too many carry-ons

    You can check baggage. When you carry-on all your worldly possessions you are taking up space someone else could be using. It take more time for you to get settled as well as deplane. Know the limits of the airline and stick to it. 

6.    Talk really loud (or forever)

    We don’t all need to hear your conversation. Actually, we don’t want too. The airplane noise is loud but use a normal voice and the person next to you will be able to hear you just fine. And if you are a talker, be considerate that the person next to you might just want to rest or read their book!

7.    Play your technology loud

    Yeap, we all want to hear that little blip and buzz on your game over and over and over and over again. No, it isn’t annoying at all. (this is sarcasm if you didn’t catch it!) And even with headphones, if we can hear it, it is too loud!

8.    Lean your seat all the way back

    I know you want to sleep and be comfortable. But when you lean your seat all the way back, I have a great view of the top of your head and now I have no space to do anything. Not that there was a lot of room to begin with. 

9.    Clip your nails

    I haven’t experienced this one personally but when I asked for ideas on a Facebook page, this was posted and I was so grossed out. Don’t do it on a plane or on a train…

10.   Kick the seat

    OK, this one usually refers to small kiddos that don’t know not to do it but adults can be caught as well. There is nothing more frustrating than to be stuck in a tight, cramped seat and then be constantly kicked. This conjures up similarities to being water boarded. 

And then there are those things people do that are just wrong no matter where you are, plane included. 

    Like taking off your shoes and/or socks when your feet smell really bad. Or how about the person who drinks too much and gets carried away or too loud. It’s just wrong. Snapping your gum loudly and constantly is not good manners. Just don't do it! Don't be a bother. Be considerate to those around you and it will all be over soon!

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Then vs Than

I don't know about you, but I so need this. I can't ever remember the difference and I am sure I use the wrong word all the time. From now on I am going to try to remember the e in then stands for the e in time, and the a in than relates to the a in comparison. 

Thanks to PR Daily for the help!

Craft Fail :: Book Review

When the package arrived with our copy of Craft Fail for review, my pre-teenage daughter took off with the book to read it. I finally got my hands on the book for review, sitting down with it, I went through it cover to cover chuckling along the way with a few giggles that escaped out loud. I don't know what it is about seeing craft failures, maybe it is the fact that we can all relate. You know, when the creative process goes terribly wrong. You have a vision in your mind, plan out the steps, take the plunge into creating and the result; well, not so fabulous. Lets face it, we aren’t Martha. 

Craft Fail is a great coffee table book. A fantastic present for your crafty friend. A go to book when you need to add a little humor to your life. In other words, it is a very enjoyable book that everyone can relate too. 

About the Author:
Heather Mann, the founder of and, has been crafting with middling success all her life, but blogging expertly since 2000. She is also cofounder of The Blueprint Social, a social media consulting company and network of influential bloggers, and cohost of the web show Get a Little Creative. She lives and crafts in Salem, Oregon.

When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong
By Heather Mann
Workman Publishing • November 2014 • ISBN: 9780761179924• $12.95 (U.S.)

I See Me :: Book Review

We received an I See Me book for review. It was specialized for my  youngest daughter who is in first grade. She could read the book entirely on her own and she was super excited to see her name in print. The book shown above; Snuggle Bunny, was sent with the rabbit and a sheet of adorable easter stickers with my daughters name on them. She immediately ran upstairs to show and share with her older sister. My youngest daughter likes to read but this personalized package encourages her to read even more. Which makes mom happy!
I See Me! provides the highest quality, most personalized children's books available. They offer personalized books and gifts for all celebrations from Birth to 12 years old.   Their mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of their books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills.
 personalized books have won many awards, including Mom’s Choice, Creative Child, Family Choice, Oppenhiem, iParenting, and more!
As featured in The Wall Street Journal, Today Show,, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine & more!

Shop their Easter section where they have great non-candy/toy options for Easter  .. Stickers, Coloring Books and Placemats make great additions to any Easter Basket!!

The cut off to order in time for continental standard delivery for Easter is 4/6.
Email promos/discounts and updates:

Free Craft e-Books

I love my kindle fire for so many reasons. Yes, I have already worn through one and before I do so with another one, I limited the use by getting them for my daughters as well. We are a multi-tablet family. I also love craft books, but boy do they take up a lot of room. I am so glad to find free craft books on kindle. If you didn't know they existed, here are a few I found:  

(just click on the book image to download)

 Practical Duct Tape Projects gives you full step-by-step instructions for 21 amazing uses for duct tape. Learn how to use duct tape to make snowshoes, a wallet, an apron, scratch pads, a hammock, an insulated winter coat, and even a D20 computer server!



With this book you will learn:

How to read patterns and charts
Basic stitches like the Purl Stitch
Slipped Stitches, like the Heel Stitch, Slanting Slipped Stitch and the Slipped Columns
Knit stitches, such as the Stockinette Stitch, Moss Stitch and Seed Stitch
Lace Stitches, such as the Leafy Columns, Zigzag Lace and Diamond Lace
Cable Stitches like the Braid Cable and X-Cord Cables
This book also includes an easy Afghan pattern to help you practice the new stitches you will learn

BONUS: As an added bonus this book includes a knitting glossary at the end, for you to use to help understand knitting jargon!


 Incredible Cardboard gives you full step-by-step instructions for 20 amazing ways to turn old cardboard into beautiful, functional items. Learn how to make cardboard armor, props, chairs, tables, and even a hydraulic robot arm!




You’re an old pro at all your favorite stitches. You tend to stick to the ones you know, and that’s totally OK because your scarves are beautiful, and everyone loves your sweaters. But it does get a little, well, boring sometimes doing the same stitch over and over again. For as much or as little as you have been crocheting, have you ever been bold enough to learn how to crochet something new?



 Duct Tape Bags! gives you full step-by-step instructions for 18 amazing ways to carry things with duct tape. Learn how to use duct tape to make beach bag, a purse, a laptop case, a camping backpack, and even a tool tote!

Free Crafty eBooks

9 Extraordinary Free eBooks to Enjoy Today!

Expand your skills or challenge yourself with something new.


Free Crochet Patterns for Women eBook Free How to Draw Flowers eBookFree Flax Spinning eBook
Crochet Me:
Crochet Patterns for Women
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How to Draw Flowers
Spinning Daily:
Spinning Flax
Free Fabric Painting eBook Free Epoxy Clay Jewelry eBook Free Weaving Patterns eBook
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 Jewelry Making Daily:
Epoxy Clay Jewelry
 Weaving Today:
Hand Weaving Patterns
Free Wire Wrapping Jewelry eBook Thread Sketching eBook Free Casting on & Binding Off eBook
Beading Daily:
Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects

Quilting Daily:
Thread Sketching

Knitting Daily:
Casting On & Binding Off
Also enjoy these recommended free eBooks from  F+W and Interweave family of communities:

Free Art Business eBook
Art Business
from Cloth Paper Scissors
Free Acrylic Painting eBook
Colored Pencil Techniques
from Artists Network
Free Weaving Tools eBook
Weaving Tools
from Weaving Today
Free Sewing Fabric eBook
Sewing Fabric
from Sew Daily

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