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Six Reasons to Read More

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As a nation, we have a love-hate relationship with reading. Some people love it, and will read anything that falls across their lap - and other people can’t stand to even consider the idea. Well, if you’re in the second camp, and reading is the last activity you’d want to do over the weekend, it’s time to change your mind! Reading is the new Netflix, and by the end of this post, you might even be rushing out to get your hands on the latest bestseller. Below are a few reasons why it’s time to ditch the phone and get back on the kindle for whole new worlds of adventure.

It’s Not Like School!

Get that image of school-time reading out of your head. Reading as an adult doesn’t mean quizzes, or having to write long essays on characters, or even having to read at the same pace as everyone else in your class. This isn’t work anymore - it’s reading for pleasure, which can increase empathy, and decrease depression, as well as being fun! You can also choose what you read. No Shakespeare, no Jane Eyre. It’s completely up to you.

Escape Your House Without Moving

We’ve all been there - rainy days with nothing to do, stuck in your house with no chance of escape. Except with reading! If you get stuck into a good book, you can be having adventures around the world without ever leaving your comfortable chair. The hours will pass in a snap of a finger, or the turn of a page.

There’s Something for Everyone

Again, you don’t have to read for anyone other than yourself, and the variety of genres out there is endless - sometimes even from the same author! Daniel Handler writes a wide range of satirical and bittersweet books for adults and young adults, as well as famously funny children’s series under the pen-name Lemony Snicket. If chick-lit is more your bag, try Marian Keyes, or Stephen King for horror.

Audiobooks Exist

Stuck on that long train journey, or long-haul flight? Have you run out of podcasts, and got fed up with all your music? No need to worry - you can listen to an audiobook instead. Reading these days doesn’t have to be with paper and ink; Audible has a brilliant service and app stuffed full of a huge number of novels to get your teeth (and ears) into.

Be More Interesting

There’s nothing quite like a book to expand your horizons and give you extra insight into all walks of life, and stories across the world. If you’re ever stuck for interesting conversation or small talk, reading can help you out. Did you know that octopuses have a brain in each tentacle, or that trees can talk to each other, or that the expiry date on every packet of crisps is always a Saturday? Reading popular science books can furnish you with thousands of amazing facts and knowledge of different areas, whilst entertaining you at the same time!

Brilliant Bedtime Stories

Finally, reading can actually help you sleep. If you’re someone who’s always watching TV or on their phone just before bed, the blue light emitted from these devices can interfere with your sleep patterns and damage your rest. Instead, try reading to chill out and occupy yourself before sleeping. You’ll not just be helping out your imagination and your knowledge, but your mental and physical health as well!


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