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A Fantastic Adventure? Taking the Family to Live in Another Country

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It's something that we've all considered when we have been out traveling for some time. When we go somewhere that seems to tick all the boxes and makes us feel that we could set up camp somewhere like this and leave our old lives behind, usually we snap out of it by the time the vacation comes to a close. But there are so many of us that have that post-vacation blues and consider if it is worthwhile moving somewhere that feels just right. But when you have a family in tow, this brings up so many questions. What are these questions, and how can we do it effectively?


How Can You Set Up a Suitable Base Somewhere Else?

In one respect because there are so many HDB BTO (Housing and Development Board Build To Order) properties out there, we can find accommodation and move somewhere within a few months. But when you take the family to live somewhere else, the vital thing to ask yourself is if it's feasible. Setting up a base somewhere else isn't just about taking advantage of the perks that you feel while you're on vacation. You have to find somewhere that feels like home, rather than a break from the norm. So when setting up a suitable base somewhere else, it has to feel right. As such, you need to take the opportunity to try places out for size. Because we have that fuzzy feeling when we're on vacation, is it down to the location or the fact that we are taking a break from normality? Be careful when making grand plans.

How Old Are Your Children?

Taking your family thousands of miles away from everything they know could result in a regression of sorts. When your children are under the age of five, in one respect, you can go wherever you want, but it's important to remember that the older they get, the more ties they have with a place. If you are someone who likes the idea of a change of scenery now and again, do your children feel the same way? When we move away from everything we know, this will be a break in the routine for everybody. As such, we could feel a sense of upheaval. But you have to consider just how more this feeling is compounded in your children. But you may want to start thinking about how your children will cope with moving, but also consider the skills they will learn as a result of going somewhere else to live. You then have to balance out the positives with the negatives and make a decision on the impact it will have on your children.

How Stressful Will It Be?

While partly, this is to do with how old your children are, and there could be issues individual to them, you've got to consider how you are going to feel throughout the entire process. Moving anywhere can be a myriad of issues when it comes to admin and problem-solving. You might think that all this is par for the course and will be good for you, but moving house, even if it's a few miles down the road can be stressful. If you are going to another country, you've got to consider moving your worldly possessions and booking flights, transportation, and on and on it goes. That's not to say you won't be able to cope with the pressures of moving, but you've got to ask yourself if you are ready for it. Traveling helps broaden our minds, but if you are accustomed to venturing somewhere for a day or a week, you've got to bear in mind just how different this will be. But this stress can be a good thing if you are doing it for your family and you believe they are going to benefit in so many more ways. Travel broadens the mind, and we must remember that when our children feel a sense of privilege in their normal existence, taking them out of their comfort zone can be very good for them and be a reminder for us. So when you take the family to live somewhere else, whether for a short time or the long haul, ensuring you have carefully weighed out the pros and cons will give you a far better understanding of how it's going to impact your lives.

But for all the things you need to consider, you can guarantee it would be a fantastic adventure for you and your family! 

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