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School Station Craft

I know most kids are deeply set in their school routines for the year but my kids just started school today. We are fortunate to have found the best of both worlds in a private school, Highlands Latin School. They attend classes for three days and have heavy homework assignments for the other two days. It is like a marriage between public school and home school.

I was looking at our School Station which is a book shelf where all books are stored, extra supplies live here and homework papers are gathered for the year. We needed a new way to organize our writing implements so I created these useful jars. They are made from the shorter stack Pringles cans.

Materials I used:

  • cardstock
  • pringles cans
  • chalk markers
  • chalk board stickers
  • xyron machine
  • scissors
  • sharpie marker
  • a roll of decorative accent (think wallpaper in a duct tape roll)

After wrapping the first can, I realized the red of the Pringles can could show since the can wasn't perfect. I decided a line of sharpie marker would cover the red so it looked more professional.

Measuring and cutting to size, I ran the cardstock through my Xyron machine making the cardstock covered with adhesive, quick and easy to use. 

Once the can was covered, it was time to decorate. I choose a patterned band around the middle and then used a chalk board sticker. I made a can each for pens, pencils and others. We always run out of pencils and the others can will be chock full of a variety of items. It's just the way school happens around our house!

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