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Faux Stained Glass Wind Spinner Craft

This fun wind spinner is made from recycling plastic container lids. I used lids from Pringles cans but any clear plastic lid will work. 



spinner placed in the garden


I began by printing out a pattern to trace to the size needed. Here is the one I used. [pattern] Then I used the Scribbles paint to trace the pattern. I liked using the Scribbles paint because it is 3D and gave a raised edge to color within. Allow the paint to dry about 24 hours - or as indicated on the bottle. Then fill in the pattern with Sharpie Markers. I had the ultra fine tip markers so that is what I used, but the fine point would work better in my opinion. But use what you have on hand. I also went around the edge of the lids with black marker for a more professional look. Once done, I used a t-head pin to poke two holes opposite each other on the rim of the lids. Cut the filament longer than you think you need. I began by tying it to the washers. The washers I had were small so I used two. One larger washer would work, you basically want enough weight to hold spinner down. *String into one lid from the outside edge. Now string into a bead, go through the bead again. This will hold the lid in place but allow you to adjust it's placement as needed. String through the same lid but different hole from the inside to the outside. Repeat the directions from the * for each lid. To finish, I looped the remaining filament and tied a knot so I had a loop to hand the spinner from. 

Hang outside and enjoy. Here is a video of ours spinning in the wind. 

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