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10 Ways to Bother People on a Plane

Traveling by plane is like putting sardines in a can. Most planes are so crowded, it is easy to get on someone’s nerves. Air travel is stressful, don’t add to their stress levels by being a bother. 

You might be surprised to find that crying babies aren’t on the list. As parents, we all can sympathize with you. Don’t worry about it, we have all been there at one time or another. But if you want, try rubbing their ears or offering a bottle. They are probably crying due to the shift in air pressure which builds up pressure in their ears.

1.    Paint your nails

    Since the air is recycled, the smell carries throughout the plane.

2.   Wear a heavy amount of cologne or perfume. And please don’t reapply it on the plane!
    Keep in mind people have allergies and when the air is recycled throughout the plane you probably are going to be affecting someone if not more than one allergy sufferer.

3.    Don’t follow the rules.

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine. The fasten seatbelt sign is on and you get up. The flight attendants come over the speaker and say to remain seated with your seatbelt fastened and you still get up. You aren’t privileged, you are the same as everyone else on the plane. Stay seated! And don’t rush to the front of the plane during deplaning, wait for those in front of you to go first.

4.    Eat smelly food
    I understand needing to eat. I know the time between flights isn’t often enough to finish your meal so you have to grab it and bring it on the plane to eat it. No problem. But when you bring something that stinks to high heavens, and smells like it was ripe a week ago know you are going to really get under someone’s skin. 

5.     Bring too many carry-ons

    You can check baggage. When you carry-on all your worldly possessions you are taking up space someone else could be using. It take more time for you to get settled as well as deplane. Know the limits of the airline and stick to it. 

6.    Talk really loud (or forever)

    We don’t all need to hear your conversation. Actually, we don’t want too. The airplane noise is loud but use a normal voice and the person next to you will be able to hear you just fine. And if you are a talker, be considerate that the person next to you might just want to rest or read their book!

7.    Play your technology loud

    Yeap, we all want to hear that little blip and buzz on your game over and over and over and over again. No, it isn’t annoying at all. (this is sarcasm if you didn’t catch it!) And even with headphones, if we can hear it, it is too loud!

8.    Lean your seat all the way back

    I know you want to sleep and be comfortable. But when you lean your seat all the way back, I have a great view of the top of your head and now I have no space to do anything. Not that there was a lot of room to begin with. 

9.    Clip your nails

    I haven’t experienced this one personally but when I asked for ideas on a Facebook page, this was posted and I was so grossed out. Don’t do it on a plane or on a train…

10.   Kick the seat

    OK, this one usually refers to small kiddos that don’t know not to do it but adults can be caught as well. There is nothing more frustrating than to be stuck in a tight, cramped seat and then be constantly kicked. This conjures up similarities to being water boarded. 

And then there are those things people do that are just wrong no matter where you are, plane included. 

    Like taking off your shoes and/or socks when your feet smell really bad. Or how about the person who drinks too much and gets carried away or too loud. It’s just wrong. Snapping your gum loudly and constantly is not good manners. Just don't do it! Don't be a bother. Be considerate to those around you and it will all be over soon!

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