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3 Essential Ingredients to Make Impressive Travel Videos

Making impressive travel videos can be tricky, and you will have to develop the skills you need to plan, record and edit the video. That being said there are some areas that have a bigger part to play than others and could help you to start creating much more impressive travel videos – right now.

If that’s what you’d like to do, there are 3 essential ingredients in particular that you need to make sure are present in your travel videos:

High frame rate video footage
Video quality is definitely important if you want your travel videos to look impressive, and the one factor that plays the most important role on that front is its
frame rate. Because travel videos tend to involve a lot of movement (both in front and behind the camera), bumping up the frame rate of your video could make it look much more impressive.

Try to record your travel videos at 60 frames per second if possible, and if you need to lower the resolution a notch the trade-off should be worth it.

Excellent audio quality
All too often people try to mask the shortcomings of the audio quality in their travel videos by setting it to background music. While there are advantages to using
background music, if you ever want to cut back to the original audio – you need to make sure its quality is good.

Unfortunately, the built-in microphone on most cameras just isn’t going to cut it if you’re hoping to record high-quality audio. As such you will want to invest in a high-quality
microphone, so that you can record not just the sights – but the sounds too.

Good pacing
When you eventually do edit your travel video together, it is important that you consider its pacing. Good pacing can help to make your travel video more engaging and keep viewers interested while they watch it.

One of the best places to start as far as pacing is concerned is the background music that you’re using. Its tempo can help to set the tone and establish the pace of your
travel video.

With these three essential ingredients – i.e. pacing, good audio quality and high frame rate video footage, your travel videos should look, sound and feel much more impressive. However, in order to compile them, you’ll need to be able to edit your videos properly.

While editing may seem difficult, using an intuitive video editing software such as Movavi Video Editor is a good place to start. It will let you easily merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts and process your video footage to create your travel videos.

In addition to that Movavi Video Editor has other features that you could use to add background music, insert captions, apply filters and effects, enhance the video quality, and
more. Suffice to say it will give you the means to polish your travel video and bring out the best in it so that it really does look amazing.

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