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Great Food in Ft. Wayne

We had some of the best food recently in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were visiting as a part of a blogging invite from the Visit Fort Wayne organization to promote their city and the new opening of their Promenade Park along the river. After a full day of activities, we were treated to a picnic at a shelter outdoors. It was a great setting with a relaxed atmosphere. The food provided was perfect for a day spent outside. 

The weather was warm - OK hot - but everyone was in good spirits from the great activities. We spent the day at the zoo, which was a part of the offered activities. We were provided so many great opportunities it was a shame we couldn't accomplish them all in one day. We will definitely have to return to Fort Wayne for another visit. The variety of opportunities for the day consisted of:

So back to the dinner. The BBQ Dinner (includes all of the sides, meats, bbq sauce, and drinks) was provided by Shigs in Pit, As you can see from the above photo we enjoyed a BBQ sandwich, green beans, potato salad, a cornbread casserole, and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was a bit of a surprise in that it was spicey, it definitely had a kick to it.

Dessert was provided in the form of cookies from the Cookie Cottage, These amazing cookies had a beautiful design on top as you can see. The icing was plentiful, and the cookie had a hint of almond flavor. They were so good, I could have eaten two of them!

Special thanks to Visit Fort Wayne for arranging the entire trip for our family.

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