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Albanese - Smell the Sugar

If you have ever driven the interstate between Indianapolis and Chicago on Interstate 65, you have seen the signs for the Albanese Factory. On a recent trip, we decided to check it out. There is a factory and also an outlet store, they both are located in Merriville, IN. We went to the factory store. 

It is a beautiful Victorian style building attached to a very large factory. The minute you step out of the car you can smell the sugar in the air. Entering the store it reminded me of an old time 5 and 10 store's candy section. And yes, you can find many of those candies as well as popular newer candies, not just the Albanese brand. There are candies wrapped, candies in bulk, and gift packaged candy as well as many gift items. Albanese packages chocolate candies, nuts, and gummies. One of the salespersons said Albanese started by selling nuts and then expanded.

There is a section of bulk wrapped candies that you can bag yourself, and there is a bulk counter area that you can have them bag and weigh for you gummies and nuts. (photo above) They even have a few options of candies that didn't quite make the grade and you can buy them at a discounted price. These typically have an odd shape or possibly the wrong color but they still have all the flavor.

The factory offers a tour that you need to schedule in advance. The factory store has a walk through self-guided tour that is right behind the store along a raised walkway. On the Saturday early evening that we visited, the store was quite busy. The Merriville exit is quite busy with many different places to shop and eat. This is an exit you don't want to miss on your next time driving through. 

You can learn more about the Albanese company on their website.

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