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After 2 Total Knee Replacements, I Traveled to Greece and Rome

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You might remember I had two total knee replacements. I talked about my surgeries in this past post. While my first surgery was instigated by pain, the second had a bonus reason for getting it done. My daughter's school was taking a summer trip to Greece and Rome to see all the things they have studied in class. I wanted to make that trip, so I planned far in advance to have surgery. I needed to have time to recover. 

Even though I had a good eight months post-surgery, my knees still affected the trip. But let me tell you, without surgery, I would have never been able to make the trip. I took a cane with me and used it most days. The cane gave me confidence on slick walkways and inclines. Many of the sidewalk and steps are old and don’t have railings. The walkways aren’t as smooth as they are in the US. In fact, the roads were actually easier to walk on then most of the sidewalks. There is a lot more walking required in Europe. And when traveling we were touring with the group, we were often dropped off further away from the sites due to the large size of the buses compared to if we were traveling by taxi. There were sightseeing spots I chose to sit and wait while the teenagers traipsed up steps and down into catacombs. I needed to pace myself for a long-term trip instead of just considering the one sightseeing spot we were currently at.

panorama of the square in Sienna, Italy

Overall, my knees didn't hurt. I was out of shape from being sedentary for so long prior to surgery. My entire knee replacement process beginning with a broken leg that went undetected for about 6 months, was over a period of four years. While I planned ahead for the trip, I should have begun my first surgery before I did. I waited until I was bone on bone and the bones were actually breaking down and shifting their placement. I knew I was in pain but I didn't know it was that bad. I guess I have a high pain threshold. 

I am so thankful for my surgeries. If I were to do it over again, I would. In fact, I would have done it sooner. The difference my new knees have made is really life-changing. I still need to work on my stamina but I am able to do so without pain. 

walking in the Plaka shopping area - Athens, Greece

And guess what? We have a wedding to attend this summer in Greece so I will be doing it all over again - this time I am shooting for going without a cane!

If you are suffering from knee pain. See a specialist, don't wait like I did. I really didn't know my knees were that bad and my only option was surgery. If I had seen a specialist sooner, there might have been something we could have done as a preventative. Visit Hit Play for more information. 

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