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A Family of Entertainers in Branson

On a recent vacation in Branson, we were gifted tickets to the Hughes Music Show. Thanks to Angie with Blogging Branson for helping us out arranging tickets. Although we have been to Branson a number of times, I wasn't familiar with the Hughes show.

Their theater is located on the western end of the main drag. The Hughes have been performing for many years obviously gaining the main location for their theater which I assume would be hard to come by. Once we knew this was the show we were going to see, we noticed Hughes billboards around town. 

The brothers are the founders of the music conglomerate. There were five original brother performers but one moved to the west coast to be near in-laws. The remaining four, their wives, and children make up  the “World’s Largest Performing Family.”

Many of the teens are multi-talented in singing, dancing and playing instruments. Their performances were some of the most energetic of the evening and for me, the most entertaining. The performing legacy is well planted in this generation.

Jacob Hughes might be the most talented offspring of the Hughes brothers. He normally is found on stage playing the drums for the group. He has a solo performance on guitar of an original song. Upon finishing, I wanted more. I admit I could listen to an entire concert of his music.

Even the youngest Hughes are included in the performances. I can't explain my reasoning for feeling uncomfortable about them being on stage. However, the rest of their families are there so they are together. All the children are homeschooled due to their performance schedule which I am sure music is a large part of that education.

The show was two hours long with an intermission. Many of the family members help out at the concessions and gift shop sales during the break. They sell t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, and even family made fudge.

I was entertained by the show. My teen daughters loved it and wanted to see it again. The Hughes family also give back to the music industry in the form of a Performance Camp during the summer. My eldest daughter was totally interested in this opportunity so we may find ourself right back here again next summer.

You can learn more about the Hughes family and their variety of performances on their website. [Hughes Brothers]

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