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How to Remove Stickers from Wood Furniture

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Do you have furniture with stickers stuck on it? I do and I didn't know how to get them off without a lot of effort. What made it worse was that they were stuck on wood and they were stubborn stickers. Sadly, they had been there for a few years (can you believe it?). Either I am the best Mom ever for letting my kids do that, or I wasn't paying attention when it happened. Between you and me, it was the latter - don't tell.

I recently received a bottle of the new and better formula of the Best Cleaner Ever. I am a part of the ScraPerfect design team. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, the cabinet was already damaged. I put the cleaner to work on my TV cabinet to remove the stickers.
My kids went a little crazy a few years back with stickers from the Skylanders Game and decided to "decorate" the TV cabinet. We have lived with them for a few years because I didn't know what to do with them. If they were on glass, I could easily use a razor blade. But these were on the painted wood frame. The stickers were paper backed and plastic coated. I peeled off what I could to try and expose some of the paper backings to get the Best Cleaner Ever to soak in.
Here you can see I have peeled what I could and gave them a spray of one pump for each sticker. I let it soak in and then used a plastic scraper to work at the stickers. 
I used a Pampered Chef plastic scraper to work at the stickers after I applied the Best Cleaner Ever. Thankfully you can now order them from Amazon. (I love Amazon!) 
Guess what? It worked! I still have a lot more to clean off but at least now I know how to do it thanks to the Best Cleaner Ever our TV cabinet will be saved.
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