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Beauty and the Beast 2017 Review


The 2017 movie version of Beauty and the Beast is anticipated by die hard Disney fans as well of fans of any of the all-star cast. As most are familiar with the storyline of Beauty and the Beast, you will find a few changes or details added to the 2017 version. 


My family was invited to see a preview release on Monday evening in Imax 3D. It didn’t disappoint. My daughters were excited to go, they are 11 and 14 years old and I thought they might be a bit over Disney princess themes but my 14 year old, sat there till the very end in order to hear the entire music track.


On our drive home we discussed our favorite song, favorite scene, favorite character and more. We each had our own favorites but we all agreed upon the overall enjoyment of this versions interpretation of “Be Our Guest”. 


As for the casting:


Emma Watson as Belle was beautiful and fitting, although none of us could understand how she didn’t fit in except for the fact that she was a girl who read. 


Dan Stevens as the Beast, we see him in his Beast form for most of the movie. His voice was fantastic to listen too in word and song. The transition from rough to a softer character progressed seamlessly through the length of the movie.


Luke Evans as Gaston did a great job progressing and building his evilness throughout the movie. I expected his character to present larger, more buff if you will. 


Kevin Kline did a wonderful job in his supporting role as Belle’s father Maurice. I truly enjoyed his scenes. 


Of all the actors that become objects, my favorite in this version was Mrs Potts played by Emma Thompson (which I didn’t know till the end). But Mrs Potts portrayed motherly characteristics while still being strong and standing up for her position which was endearing. 




2h 9min 

Family, Fantasy, Musical 

Release date: 17 March 2017 (USA)

Twitter:  @BeOurGuest

Instagram  @BeautyAndTheBeast

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