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Last Minute Foodie Gift Ideas For Everyone

Everyone knows a foodie or two. A foodie is a person who doesn’t just eat food and consume beverages out of necessity; oh no - for them, food and drink is an experience that is more like a hobby. They will constantly be trying interesting new ideas or experimenting with recipes, to the point where you wonder if they ever eat anything that’s just “normal”.


If you fancy giving the foodie in your life a present but are strapped for time, then here are a few suggestions to point you in the right direction.


Your Mom



It might be a bit of a stereotype to suggest that women prefer sweet food to savory, but it’s one that has some justifiable reasoning behind it. So make the most of that and opt for anything with a sugar rush. Cupcakes and macarons have certainly had their moment of popularity, while it’s hard to go wrong with a good, exquisitely crafted French pastry.

Your Dad

Men are just as likely to be a foodie as women, but they may be a little less inclined to experiment. It’s therefore best to keep it simple; think samples from a variety of bourbon brands or a selection, or even a range of different coffees from around the world. If you want to go for food, it’s best to look for a voucher for their favorite restaurant than to try and encourage them to try something new.


Your Sister




You still have the option of something sweet, but why not look for unusual beverages or cocktails? Cocktails - or mocktails if they don’t drink - are particularly fun, especially if you buy a few pieces of barware for them to experiment with. Find a recipe for an interesting cocktail then buy the components, along with a nice glass for them to drink it from.


Your Brother

Sticking with the savory theme, why not look for a moment unusual kind of meat for your brother? There are so many types of meat that are eaten throughout the world, but have yet to fully cross into the mainstream on our shores. You could suggest zebra, giraffe, or even alligator - package it up in a selection box with a nice red wine, and you’re guaranteed to be giving them the most innovative gift imaginable.


Your Friends



To an extent, a lot of this is going to depend on your friends and what you know they like. Go through your mind for memories of them expressing a preference for a particular something, leaning heavily on this theme.

If you can’t think of anything that would fit, then why not try a selection of cheeses? Foodies as a whole love cheese; it’s a real delicacy that is popular no matter what the season. You could look for cheese presentation sets, or head to a specialist and pick up a few that you think that they should sample.


If you’d rather stick with drinks, then look for craft and indie alcohol producers. Staying away from the big brands encourages their love of something different in what they consume, so it should work out well for everyone involved!

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