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Keeping Your Head Above Water

It’s not easy keeping your head above water a lot of the time. It’s not easy sticking to budgets, cutting back and even trying to put away a few savings when you can. That’s why having a little money-saving tricks up your sleeve, a few little side hustles are always useful whether you’re a student, living the single life or have a family.


In this blog we take a look at some of the most popular ways to make a little cash online and whether you drive a truck across state or work as a lawyer, you’re going to appreciate these top tips.


Your Opinion Counts

If you’re looking to make a few bucks every day and gradually watch your account add up, there are literally hundreds of sites that are asking for your opinion and offer you surveys to take part in. It really is a simple as that. It does not pay well, a few dollars at most but it’s quick, easy and the more you do, the more your pile will grow.


Sites such as Valued Opinion and Survey Spotter are popular places to start, so if you’re saving for a little more spending money on holiday or have a credit card to pay off, then get signed up and start bringing in the dollars, a little bit at at a time.


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Of course, you must steer clear of these sites if you have a poor track record with gambling or find it hard to walk away. You must always only bet what you can afford to lose. On the other hand, bingo sites and the free sweepstakes website can be lots of fun and even bring you in a little win every now and again. In the long run this is not a sustainable way to make money and you should bear in mind the old mantra that the house always wins.


A flutter every now and again can be exciting and you never know you, you might even win!



While many online sites do require some special skills you can ply your trade on freelancing sites such as Freelancer, People Per Hour or Upwork. If you are a qualified professional you’ll need to filter out an awful lot of lower-paid work but if you’re willing to work for a lower rate you’ll find clients fairly quickly and easily.

There are other sites too such as Copify where you’ll be paid for writing product descriptions, blogs and so on. Again the pay isn’t great but it does mean you can fit it in around your day job and the pot will add up.

It’s not easy keeping up in the modern world and the demands of life. It’s all too easy to find yourself loading up a credit card and sinking even further into debt. If you can find a little side hustle to keep your head above water, then it’s well worth investing your time in signing up.


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