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What is a 3Doodler Pen Party with Tryazon like?


We had a group of friends over for a Tryazon Party featuring the new 3Doodler Pen. Two pens and a variety of filament in different colors were provided so everyone could give it a try. 

My family was familiar with 3D pens, we have an older and chunkier version. The new 3Doodler Pen is sleek and offers two-speed controls. My favorite feature of the pen was that once the on button was pushed, I didn't have to hold to down for the pen to work. Just one more click and the pen turns off. Two clicks and the filament is backed out of the pen. 


Adults and children attended. The adults gave the pen a try but it was the kids that really got into the creating. I printed out a few designs for them to trace. Everyone said having a shape to trace was a lot easier than doing it freehand. The 3Doodler Pad was a very helpful surface to work upon. The 3Doodler Pad was a very helpful surface to work upon. 

Once working with the pen for awhile, I wished I had control of the size of the filament being released. It seems the nozzle set would be a great option and something I would like to try in the future. 


family   theo

We worked in shifts since there were only two pens to use. The kids wanted another try after they got used to the pen. The 3Doodler really held their attention and the creativity just flowed. Our party lasted about four hours but could have easily gone longer based on the kid's interest and use. 


The creations from the party.

3Doodler on Amazon:


We were provided a 3Doodler party pack to host a party and introduce the 3Doodler to friends and family. It was fun!
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