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Valentine Sun Catcher

This fun Valentine's decoration take on a steampunk feel with the use of hardware findings. I love to craft with found objects and I have a collection of hardware parts I have collected over the years. For this sun catcher, I paired them with a few beads and a 3D heart I made using a 3D pen. Here are the step by step directions:


Using the template, your 3d pen and the red filament, trace the heart shape on the left-hand side of the image only.

Don't worry about wiggly lines or messing up. You don't have to trace all the lines and of course, you can add more then are drawn.

Repeat this five times.

Begin to assemble the halves of the heart together. Once you have a few connected, attach the fishing line to the middle of the heart using the 3d pen material as the glue. Leave a long enough fishing line above and below the heart form to use later.

This is an image of all five pieces assembled and the fishing line in place. 

These are the pieces I am using the add to the 3d heart form. I have gears and beads. Space them out along the line. Double back through the beads and use knots to hold the gears in place until you have your desired look. 

Other materials you could use:

  • washers
  • crystals
  • stones or rocks
  • sea shells
  • pieces of antique jewelry

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