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K-cup Coffee Wreath Ornament

I am thrilled to be participating in the Craft Lightning 15 minute craft challenge for Christmas and other Holiday Crafts. There are five days full of craft tutorials for you to visit. I created an easy to make Christmas Wreath Ornament from a k-cup! You can follow along with this photo tutorial.



  • green yarn
  • red yarn
  • used k-cup
  • utility shears or scissors
  • crochet hook
  • tapestry needle

k-cup ring
Take the used k-cup and cut the top ring off the cup. Dispose of the rest of the k-cup.

ring w crochet
Using the green yarn and a 7.0 mm crochet hook, single crochet all the way around the k-cup ring.


finished crochet
When the ring is full and you have met back at the beginning, tie the two ends together in a double knot. Leave a tail of each strand and tie them together about 2" away from the wreath.
This will be used to hang the ornament.

red yarn
Taking your red yarn and a tapestry needle, we will add the berries. 

insert yarn
Turn the wreath over and enter the red yarn into the back leaving a tail, come up on the front side.

french knots
Create a french knot. That is three loops around the needle and then take a stitch. The result will be a red berry like stitch. Go to the back of the wreath and travel down to the next berry placement.
Continue this around the wreath.

finished berries
This is how the wreath will look with all the berry knots in place. Tie off the red yarn on the back of the wreath an hide the knot.

making the bow
To add a bow, I wrapped the red yarn around two of my fingers three times, leaving and end exposed.

knotting the bow
To tie the bow, the yarn goes between my two fingers and then the two ends are tied together. Using another piece of red yarn, I tied the bow to the wreath.

Please visit the other Craft Lightning Participants, just click the image above.

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