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How to Make Faux Silver Earrings

Just looking at these beautiful faux silver earrings. I am not sure you would guess the material they are made out of. Would you be surprised if I told you they were made out of hot glue and not silver at all? This month I am joining a group of Craft Lightning Bloggers who are creating 15-minute crafts using hot glue as their medium. These earrings are really quick and easy to make and take much less than 15 minutes without the drying time - which really doesn't take much more time! Read through the tutorial below and see how easy they are to make. 


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The process for these faux silver earrings is really quick and easy. I think the small size of the earring makes them more believable as real silver earrings. 

mold and hot glue gun - faux silver earrings
working quickly, fill your mold with hot glue

out of mold - faux silver earrings
the hot glue dries quickly, then pop out the shape
if you need too, use scissors to trim away any unwanted parts

earring parts - faux silver earrings
attach the earring back to the hot glue piece
I used more hot glue to do this

attached parts - faux silver earrings
here it is attached
doing this before painting make the application of color much easier to handle

painting earring - faux silver earrings
brush your chosen color of nail polish onto the hot glue
I am using a silver nail polish

wearing earring - faux silver earrings
wearing the earrings, they really do look like silver

The best part, you can easily change the color to match your outfit by using a different color of nail polish.


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