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How To Make A Festive Ball Decor

Last holiday season, I saw a lot of discussion on wanting to know how to make these Ball Decorations. This is an old craft I learned from my mom when I was a young girl. I loved making them and we always had one hanging in our front hallway during Christmas season. This year, I found all the nessesary materials and I continued the tradition by teaching my daughters how to make them. And yes, they liked it too! So I will take you step by step through the process. 

While we always made them for Christmas, this version could work for Christmas, New Year's, and even Fourth of July!



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Poke a skewer through the styrofoam ball, then use it to help thread the ribbon through the ball.
I used a 4" styrofoam ball.
Set this aside.

Using a flame, heat the long needle and push it through the medicine cup bottoms in the center.
This step is actually really fun to do.

Set up glue and glitter for dipping. We used little tea set plates.

Dip each medicine cup's top lip into the glue and then the glitter. Set each aside to dry.

Lots of medicine cups drying.

preparing for the next step

You take a pin, thread a star sequin onto the pin, put the pin through the hole you made in the medicine cup,
and then push the entire thing into the styrofoam ball. Keep this up until the entire ball is covered.

the video might make more sense if you see the process in action.

finished project

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