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Gingerbread Creativity

My daughter who is in fifth grade, joined together with three other friends to enter a gingerbread competition at a local museum. The image above is their entry. I can't tell you the creativity that went into this project. Everything seen had to be eatable. They chose a theme of a Christmas Eve service at church. Here are a few of the ideas that were used:

  • Lamp lights were made from black licorice small marshmallows and a kernel of corn.
  • Stained glass was melted hard candy and then marbled while still hot. The mold was made from aluminum foil. 
  • Snow was made from coconut and clear sugar crystals in a food blender. 
  • The luminary lights are spring roll wrappers. 
  • Many of the animals and people were formed free hand by the girls. Made out of modeling chocolate.
  • The horse pulling the sleigh was a toy animal dipped in chocolate.


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