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DIY a Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl Hero image

This Yarn Bowl was made using scraps of yarn we saved from making pom poms. I love the color combinations of the different yarns. It makes for a great recycling project. I have to take a moment and have you notice the eggs. We are watching our neighbors chickens and these are the fresh eggs we gathered from them. Once again, I am drawn to the colors. 



press and seal with bowl for yarn bowl
Begin by putting a sheet of Press and Seal down (sticky side down) on your table surface. Place the bowl upside down on the Press and Seal. Then cover the bowl with a layer of Press and Seal (sticky side down).

yarn scraps for yarn bowl
This is the yarn scraps we saved.

plastic bag with yarn for yarn bowl
Place the yarn in a plastic bag add Mod Podge and a little bit of water and mix them together.
Mixing by squishing the bag, ultimately I needed to get my hands into the mix.

mixture on bowl for yarn bowl
Cover the bowl with the yarn mixture.

cover the space for yarn bowl
Make sure to cover the entire surface and press down on the mixture.

drying - yarn bowl
Allow the structure to dry - it might take a few days.
I saved some of the yarn scraps in case I needed to fill in any open areas.

close up yarn bowl
Close up of the yarn bowl.

finished yarn bowl
I like the rough edge but you could trim it to be smooth if you desire.


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