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Colorful Coke Can Flowers

These lovely flowers are made from a coke can. The end results can be used for jewelry, card decorating and scrapbooking. I imagine you could come up with additional uses as well, I'd love to hear them. These flowers were fun and easy to make. I plan on gluing a pin backing onto the flower making it a brooch. 




  • Super Glue (I used Gorilla Glue)
  • Soda cans cut into sheets
  • Cuttlebug (or other die cutting machine)
  • die shape (flower)
  • Buttons (or another embellishment)
  • q-tips
  • Alcohol Inks

The materials for this project are basic. I had them all on hand. I really like the recycling aspect of this project, turning the cans into something beautiful. 

Cutting soda cans are easy to do and can be done with regular scissors or utility scissors. The metal is actually rather soft. After cutting out pieces and making sure they are clean and dry, I used my Cuttlebug to cut the shapes.


Cuttlebug cutting soda can

Using the sheet from a soda can and the flower die, I ran the sandwich through the Cuttlebug. Cutting soda cans take a few extra passes to get thoroughly through the material.


qtip painting
Q-tip painting

Applying the alcohol ink to the Q-tip and then painting the soda can, results in subtle pastel shades.


dropped ink
dropping ink on the flower directly

Dropping the alcohol ink directly onto the flower and using the Q-tip to manipulate the placement of the ink as desired.

coke can
coke can

This image shows the coke can image is on the back of the flower.
There are techniques to remove the soda brand ink but it isn't necessary.
Some crafters even utilize the soda ink pattern on the front of their projects.

Finished project

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