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Black Cat Bookmarks with Cricut

are made 

Have you seen animal shaped paperclips? It got me thinking, I could make my own. So I gave it a try. We are cat people so black silhouettes of cats it was going to be. I think they would work well together as a group or just as a single. They work as a bookmark, journal clips or just a regular paperclip. They would also make cute gifts. These bookmarks are made using a Cricut.


I cut out silhouettes of cats on my Cricut Air 2 (thanks to Cricut for the machine). For this project, I needed each shape twice, one regular, and one mirror image. A front and a back if you will. Here is the free svg file I created if you are interested in doing the exact same project.  [SVG file]

If you need to know how to upload an SVG into Cricut's Design Space 3, here is a Youtube video showing how-to do that.



The next step, I ran each piece through my Xyron sticker maker to attach adhesive to the backs of them.

Here they all are as stickers.


I wanted to use black paperclips but we couldn't find them. So, I made them. Easy enough, using a permanent black marker, I covered the paperclip in black.
It took two coats to get a really good coverage. Make sure to check the sides.


Place the cats together sandwiching the paperclip inside. Push around all sides to adhere, rub off any excess adhesive. You'll notice a bit of gray sticking out on mine. I used two sided cardstock that was black on one side and gray on the other. If I were to do it again, I would use solid black. So I touched up the gray with my permanent black marker.


I wanted to try a few different products and cover the cats for a more permanent lifespan. The first product I tried was black nail polish. Which I liked but I wasn't thrilled with the shine from the polish. The cardstock also absorbs a lot of nail polish, so don't use expensive polish.


Next, I tried matte Mod Podge. I just applied it with my fingertip making sure not to have too much on either side. Just make sure to check it. When I ran my finger over one side, it would build up more around the edges on the opposite side. I liked the look of the matte surface. The Mod Podge made the cat rather rubbery. 




  • black cardstock
  • Personal cutting machine (Cricut Air 2)
  • free SVG file
  • Xyron sticker maker with adhesive
  • Large paper clips
  • black permanent marker (Sharpie)
  • matte Mod Podge
  • black Nail Polish

I was generously provided the materials by Cricut in order to write this post. This post contains affiliate links

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