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Protect What's Important

I was sent a package of Laminating Pouches to review. I have a Scotch laminating machine and with two daughters in school, there is always something we need to laminate and protect. They are learning about different continents in school and always have map tests, laminating them so they can practice over and over again similar to a dry erase board comes in handy. 

These laminator sheets are actually pouches with a sealed seam on one end. I had a hard time at first getting them to open up and actually ran two through the machine by mistake thinking they would stick together. The package comes with two protective paper pouches for those machines that use them. There are no instructions included in the packaging. In small print on the front of the box states they are 3ml thickness. My machine has different thickness settings so I was glad to find that information.

The summer is full of fun and road trips so I created these Road Sign Bingo cards to keep in the car. I laminated them and we can use them over and over again with a dry erase marker. It is a quick boredom buster for the car. 

The PDF file contains two different Bingo cards. [Bingo]

Thermal Laminating Pouches
Protect, Preserve or Present your Important stuff!
Size - 9-Inch. x 11.5-Inch.
Pack of 100.
Thickness - 3mil.
Keep documents looking brand new
Fits documents of up to size 8.5-Inch. x 11-Inch

Other things you might consider laminating:

  • Recipes - especially those that are hand written by a family members
  • Letters or important documents
  • Photos
  • Flash cards
  • Business cards, ID cards
  • And so much more...

*The laminator I have is a Scotch and I got it on Amazon at a great discounted price. I don't need to use a protective cover pouch, I just send the laminate pouch through the machine.

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