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Hungry? Get Fed in a Dash with DoorDash and Promo Code

Do you hate the nightly cry "what's for dinner"? Are you working late but hungry for dinner? How about desiring restaurant quality food but you just don't want to go out to eat it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Door Dash is for you. I was offered the opportunity to review Door Dash in Indianapolis. I went to their website;, entered in my address and I was greeted with 131 different restaurants to order from - your address my vary, 80 is typical. My daughters wanted Chinese food, so we ordered. I used our promo code that saved us $8 on our first order. You can too by using the code "TryitLikeit" as your promo code. 

The program is really cool in that it keeps you informed about your order. Here is a screen shot of my order in progress.

Under each restaurant listed there will be a delivery time. Dinners typically take about an hour. Yes, you can order lunch too - which would be great for a working lunch or for a sick friend, or how about a family with a new arrival? When I ordered, it stated delivery time would be about 72 minutes. I ordered at 6pm and you can see my order screen states 6:51 as our delivery time. So it will be quicker than estimated. And it arrived at 6:45 pm - great service! And here is Jeremy delivering our dinner!

I was surprised to be treated to a special gift grab with my order! I earned a $2 credit towards my next order. How fun is that? Totally unexpected but what a great way to bring me back as a customer. 

I placed my order from my laptop because I was at home. But DoorDash is available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play. You can place and track your order no matter where you are. 


Interested in driving for DoorDash? Apply to become a Dasher!

Save $8 on your first order. Use code "TryitLikeit"

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