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Finders Seekers Review

gam box
our box

Do you like games and puzzles? This new subscription box might just be the thing for you. I was sent a box to review. Finders Seekers delivers a thrilling chase to subscribers each month, filled with puzzles and mysteries. Think: 'escape room' meets National Treasure. Each month, the ‘Find’ visits a new city where you must make your way through a series of clues, solving codes and exploring local history and attractions. Check them out at

I chose to save our box and bring it with us on Spring Break for a fun family game night. We were vacationing in Cocoa Beach with my sister's family. I have to say my husband and eldest daughter were most into the challenge. I guess they had more patients than the rest of us.  

contents of box
contents of the box laid out

The content of our box was a lot of different papers, the unique items were a brush pen and a silk scarf. Our city was located in China. The difficulty level of our box was 4 out of 5. It was really challenging. We found there was a lot of internet research to solve the puzzles. Many of the individual puzzles took time to solve. It took more than one evening to complete the challenge. 

I would equate the gameplay to something like dungeons and dragons (do you remember that game?) because of the length of the time playing. But it is definitely not interactive like that was. 

the scarf

Right now on you can enter to win a free box and gain a coupon for $5 off a box. 

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