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Brownie Brittle Review

I was offered a Brownie Brittle Party from Tryazon. It was my first time working with Tryazon although I have hosted other party theme product reviews. 

The party we ended up having due to everyone's crazy schedule was a bit out of the box! We "partied" in the parking lot. My daughters attend a private school that is rather small. The families all socialize together the best we can. The mom's I invited thought sharing time together at pick-up at school was a good option so I packed my party up!

It was really fun being able to share the Brownie Brittle with so many. The way pick up works, we all have assigned parking spots and the teachers bring the students out to their rides. This way, the mom's knew I was arriving early and to come over to my van, the kids and teachers got some as they passed by. Many teachers made a specific trip over to my van to share in the tasting and fun! 

This way, I was able to actually share Brownie Brittle with more than just the mom's I had invited to the party. All the individual samples packages were handed out. All the the taste samples were eaten. We had a great time and everyone that came by really enjoyed the Brownie Brittle parking lot party!

A few comments shared at the party:

"I've seen them at Costco."

"Someone brought these to Thanksgiving, they are good!"

"These would be good with coffee or tea."

"I'd like them on ice cream."

If you'd like to try Brownie Brittle you can locate it on Amazon. Using the link below will benefit Try it -Like it

Brownie Brittle

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