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3 Home DIY Projects to Revamp Your Space

The time has come to do some work in your living space, but you don't have a large budget. Don't worry! With a little ingenuity and know-how, you can change up your home without a lot of money. There are any number of DIY products on the market that target people who want to improve their homes but can't afford to have someone else do the work. They range from specialized paint to taking separate items and putting them together for an interesting effect. Following are three DIY projects you can take on to transform your space quickly.


Chalkboard Paint

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Chalkboard paint is exactly what it sounds like. It's a type of paint that goes on just about any surface, and once it dries, you can write on it with chalk. You can paint on the walls, furniture, or just about anything that accepts paint. 


Use chalkboard paint in the kitchen to make grocery lists and reminders, or paint in the kids' bedroom and let them write on the walls without repercussion. It's up to you how you want to use chalkboard paint, as it offers numerous uses and comes in several colors.


DIY Shelving

Shelves are useful for both decoration and saving space. Set them in a vertical row or stagger them on the wall at different levels to make home decor more interesting. Let your imagination run wild when putting up shelves.


It's very easy to install shelving units. Simply find brackets that appeal to you and get laminated planks that come in the length you need. Can't find a bracket that complements your decor or your design idea? Find ones made from flat metal that you can paint. Use a little bit of primer, do a bit of sanding, and then spray on your color of choice. You'll have shelving that matches your room.


Be forewarned, though. Dust and debris get kicked up when you use power tools to install shelves, and that can impact your indoor air quality. Replace your HVAC filters after your DIY project and keep your indoor air nice and clean.


Curtain Headboard

Is your bed resting against a boring wall? Do you not have a headboard? If you answered no to either of these questions, try a curtain headboard! All you need to do is install a fancy curtain rod that extends past the sides of your bed by just a little. The idea is to frame the bed within the curtain. The type of curtain and fabrics you choose are solely up to you, but you don't have to spend a lot to make this work. It's even better if you can sew curtains. You'll save more money and get the fabrics you want to create a luxurious look that makes your bedroom more interesting.


These three tips give you a starting point to change up your space with DIY projects. Your only limitation is your imagination and your budget. Keep your eyes open, and you might just find you can make your home look great without spending a lot.

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