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2017 Family Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We are a family of four. So for Valentine’s Day, which typically symbolizes love and romance, we celebrate ours together. Here are a few fun family Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas to be enjoyed for the entire family. Many of these ideas last longer than just the one day.

Valentine’s Day is full of heart-shaped boxes and candy. As a family gift, why not try a box of snacks. There is something for everyone. You could use them as game prizes or as a special treat at movie night. This snack box is a great alternative to expensive chocolates. []


Cut flowers are expensive this time of year. Why not try an alternative and buy seeds that you can plant together as a family? They last longer and will be enjoyed more in the long run. []


Dinner out?
Reservations for dinner? Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights to get a dinner reservation. You can still go out and try these fun family friendly alternative “reservations”. Those that I have seen in our area, Chick-fil-a, Dairy Queen, and White Castle to name a few. You'll have to check your local locations to see what they offer.

Game Time?

Personalogy Family Fun Card Game - The Laugh-out-loud Discovery Game for the Whole Family

A Laugh-out-loud discovery card game for the family (ideal for kids 7-11). Brings families together instantly - the playful, heart-warming and silly questions gets everyone talking, laughing and having fun! Questions have multiple choice answers to make it easy for kids. Play at family meals or game night. Discover something new about your family. It is perfect for birthday or holiday parties, family gatherings, and a perfect antidote for traveling with kids, road trips, and plane rides. The specialty box is designed to be small enough to put in your purse, backpack or glove box. We took ours with us to lunch, the kids didn't want to leave even after the food was gone! Cards are the same size as a regular deck of playing cards. Many of the questions were co-created by kids 7-11. Three ways to play, with or without points and can be played in teams. 122 fun, silly, laugh-out-loud and memorable questions and even more surprising answers. Personalogy made Amazon's Best Sellers Top 100 Card Games for 2015! Enjoy!

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Purchase on Amazon: Family Edition / Party Edition


Don't forget to document your family time together. Get a FREE 12x8 Canvas Print! This is a special way to remember times you spent together. Why not get it for free, just pay to ship. I did this over Christmas and the print arrived quickly and turned out better than I anticipated. []


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