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How-to Schedule Your Social Media

One of the biggest time-consuming functions for a Blogger is promoting on Social Media. This is a topic that is constantly discussed in blogging forums. Awhile back I found Postcron and I have been using their free version to post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It couldn't be easier. I can even schedule the timing of the posts. 

A free account on Postcron will allow you to set up 6 links to share too. I recommend giving this a try first to see how the system works. Once you become familiar and find yourself relying on the ease of Postcron, you many want to transition to a paying account so you can link to more Social Media connections. 

It is really easy to get started,  you can easily log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. You can choose your own Account Settings and what Social Media you want to connect too. For Facebook it can be your personal page or a page you manage. For Pinterest you can choose which boards you want to promote too. Once you have these connections made, you can then set them to different groups making the mass posting easier to do in one step.

Above is a screen shot of my account. You can see a group is set called Try it - Like it in the orange at the top. Then below that are the accounts associated with that grouping. The links not chosen are greyed out but you can add or subtract them easily by clicking on them. The last row of images, are the account buttons you can use to create links to your accounts. 

This screen shot is the functions I really like the most. This is where you control what you post. Notice at the top you can choose to post a status, an image or a link. I usually choose to share an image. The image can come from a URL or from your computer. Then you can add text to the post. I included a link to my post as well as any hashtags that are needed. This will post the image to the three socials I have shown here (3 is what I have set) and yes, it posts an image on Twitter which is really cool. Finally, at the bottom, I can choose to schedule my posts, have them auto post or have them post immediately.

This final image shows if you have posts scheduled (future posts). You can go in and edit them before they post. There is also a button to see past posts. If you ever wonder if a post went live, you can check to see the timing of when it went live. You can also choose to repost it if necessary. I find this function very helpful for Twitter posts because they go by so fast on the Twitter feeds. 


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