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DIY Gemmed Votive Candle

I knew the minute I saw these flat gems that I wanted to make something with them. This gemmed votive is very nice looking and very easy to make. I guess I would even call it a dollar store craft.

I found the flat gems at a yen store while visiting California. The store is called Daiso. [] You could definitely use the gems that are raised on one side. I just thought these flat gems were interesting and different enough I had to have them. 


  • Glass votive
  • Flat gems
  • Gorilla Epoxy Glue

I began by sorting the gems into four piles and discarding any partial or cracked gems.

Then I laid them out in a random arrangement to see how they would fit on the side of the votive and if there were enough pieces.

I began by mixing a small amount of epoxy and used a toothpick to apply the glue to the gem. The process isn't difficult but rather timely since I needed to work each side separately allowing it to dry before moving on to the next side. A few gems (edges) were difficult to keep in place so I used small pieces of duct tape to hold them in place while the epoxy dried. 

Overall I am really happy with the outcome and would definitely do it again. (once I get more flat gems)

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