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Win (6) 8" x 8.5" Tile Prints and Liven Up Your Walls

Whether you are trying to brighten up your living room and give your home a fresh new look or toughen up your aging family portraits Gatorboard printing is the most affordable way to do it! Foam board prints by can touch up your favorite images of your children and make the dullest of rooms look like it was designed by a professional. With tile prints of Gatorboard will make your room look fantastic. Hang them up and really liven up your walls with 6 of your favorite images that you can have printed with a matte finish or a high gloss on foam board. You and your family will love them! Whether you are looking for a new and trendy way to give your children's room some spunk or looking to decorate the nursery room, gatorboard and foam board are an excellent and ideal way to mount your pictures on the wall. Gator and foam board give your pictures a modern yet classy look and appeal that will give your room a fabulous look. Wall mounting with foam board and gatorboard is very easy since both materials are lightweight and flexible.

Every photo of your family and your children deserves to be displayed on your wall. Gatorboard printing is an excellent way to capture and give your family moments that extra shine. So why is photo mounting so necessary? The way you mount and frame your photographs can determine the quality, look, and durability of your most treasured moments. Wall decals are an easy, trendy, and durable choice to bring lasting beauty to your room space. A place that you can fill up with family photos, special memories that you would love to display in full color and vibrant look. Stunning Gatorboard and Foam board prints that will make your room look stunning.

Gatorboard printing gives your photos a stronger and more durable framing to make them last longer. Gatorboard prints are one of the most attractive for mounting your family photos. Your photos will not easily wear and tear, bend, crush, or dent. Another great feature that you will notice with Gatorboard prints is they are also lightweight which makes it easy to mount on any wall. Gatorboard printing will never fade or lose its vibrant finish look. Foam board printing is also a great alternative for your photo mounting wall décor. Dazzle your family and guests with photo mounts made from Foam board printing. Foam board displays high-quality images full of color. You won’t ever have to spend a fortune, that is one of the features that makes foam board printing so attractive, it’s one of the most affordable of materials to mount and frame your most treasured moments. Foam board holds a moist barrier when laminated to prevent your photographs from warping or bowing during the mounting.

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