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Venture Kit and Giveaway

Just like playing with baby dolls, toy kitchens, and building forts; children learn by mimicking adults and a variety of careers.  Why not also play entrepreneurship?

Venture Kits are designed by real entrepreneurs and Harvard MBAs, reviewed by real grade and high school teachers, and tested by real kidsVenture Kits arm kids with tomorrow’s must-have skills: initiative, grit, creativity, and problem-solving. 

We were sent the Treats to-go kit. My daughter enjoyed this kit because it included a part of the process making treats in the kitchen. The image above shows what arrived in our kit. 

My daughter read through the recipe cards and made her decision on what to make first, dipped pretzels.


She enjoyed reading the recipe, doing the prep and the creativity of decorating the dipped pretzels. 

As we worked in the kitchen, we talked about how many pretzels should go into the snack bags and how much she would charge. I love the idea of working through these different steps of an actual business. I am not a huge fan of children selling for money so we didn't follow through with those steps, although I know my daughter would have like it. I still find the Venture Kit and the process we went through fun and educational.

Treats To-Go is the first kit available to the public with more in the works. If you would like to try your own Treats to-go Venture Kit, you can enter to win one below. 

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