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What is a craft/DIY conference? -- SNAP Conference

Have you ever wondered what a crafting and DIY conference is like? Well, I am wrapping up my time spent in Salt Lake City, Utah where I attended the SNAP conference. This was my second year attending. There are many things that are similar to other conferences and some uniquely different to a crafting, DIY, blogger conference.

Each day was filled with sessions. These sessions vary. There are lecture style sessions, panel discussions, round-table discussions and hands-on workshops. There are sponsored meals with swag items and guest speakers. At night, there are sponsored parties usually based on a theme with a bar, appetizers, and sometimes more swag. There are sponsor booths with make and take items, samples of products and hands-on training. SNAP also has sponsors that provide lounge rooms. In these, expect a bit of pampering. This year we were treated to chocolate by Lindt, High Tea by the Laughing Cow, Dirty Drinks from Rustoleum and Swig, and finally a candy bar by Darice. A couple of other unique experiences are a Secret Sister program where you are given a person to spoil with a gift each day and then reveal yourself at the end of the conference. There is a book exchange. And they also do something called room drops where sponsors provided more swag that is brought to your room. (swag means free items, gifts, and samples)

Yes, it is overwhelming at times. Yes, you get tired and feel like you are dragging yourself around. But the best part of the conference this year; for me, was making personal connections with people I had come to know online. Meeting them face to face was special and added another level of depth to our relationship. The past year, it was all about what I learned. So going to the same conference year after year can bring new experiences each time. The images below will give you a small glimpse into my conference experience.

Please keep in mind, conference lighting isn't great and I am taking quick snapshots with a phone.

SNAP is a three-day conference held each April in Salt Lake City, Utah, targeting makers. We’re joined by the best bloggers representing modern handmade, contemporary craft, mind-blowing home-based events, and DIY, along with dozens of creative entrepreneurs.

Would you like to see the room I stayed in?

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