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Heading to the Snap Conference

I am heading out this week to Snap. It is my first large blogging conference. What is Snap? Snap is a conference for creative entrepreneurs, focused on growing their social influence. The conference will be held in Utah and they are expecting about 500 creative bloggers. The conference is sold out. 

Being my first large blog conference, I am a bit scared, a bit excited and probably most like a deer in headlights. I don't know what to expect, but I am cautiously looking forward to it all. I really don't know anyone going nor do I know anyone who has been. There is one other lady from Indiana that I have met once who will be attending. So why go? 

I was recently invited to attend a different conference and have my registration paid for by a sponsor. The event while free and last minute, was going to cost quite a bit to get there and stay for the conference. I looked at what I was going to pay out of pocket and decided that if I were to spend that kind of money to advance my site/blog which conference was the best choice for my interests. The result was Snap. So I turned down that offer and pursued going to Snap- it was sold out so I had to join the waiting list. I got the email that I could sign up for Snap and I did.  

So this is the week I leave. I signed up for the secret sister program. I will be bringing three gifts for my secret sister (I can't tell you who she is right now but I think she is really cool). In return, I have a secret sister who I will meet at the end of the conference. So I know I will be heading home knowing at least two other bloggers a bit better!

Hopefully, this event will benefit Try it - Like it. Providing better content, more focused content and help grow audience. While I am excited to attend Snap, I am even more excited to see it's impact on my site!

If you are interested in what is possible to come, take a look at the sponsors of Snap

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