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Where to Look to Save Money When Traveling

Photo by Subham Dash from Pexels

Traveling around the world is one of the best things we can do as humans. The opportunity to visit such a diverse range of cultures and countries is wonderful and should never be taken for granted. However, when we book these trips there come inevitable questions about costs ranging from the flights and accommodation to the so-called other costs that we don’t necessarily think about up front. So, here we are going to discuss the best way to find the cheapest options for travel.



The best place to start is with the most important bit, the flights because getting to where you want to be in another country can be difficult by foot. It used to be that paying for flights was a one size fits all kind of approach; usually, you would meet a travel agent and then they’d find your flights and you would pay them. But thanks the internet, the process of buying flights these days is a lot more personal and be customized to suit your needs.


Websites like Skyscanner and Google Flights allow you to compare deals across various different airlines to ensure you are getting the best price. In response to these comparison websites, airlines themselves have started to advertise the best price for their service directly through their own sites. So when it comes to booking, making sure you are looking around first and doing your research.


Photo by from Pexels



Again accommodation, like flights, has been revolutionized by the internet. In the past ten years, there has been a boom in digital booking services which allow you to find somewhere to stay to suit your exact needs. Companies like Airbnb offer you homes to stay in around the world, and usually at a cut price. Whereas alternatives like will provide with you a wide range of hotels, hostels, and apartments so that your every want and desire is covered. Price should not be an object when it comes to finding somewhere suitable for you to stay because the selection is so varied that it is almost impossible not to find good accommodation within your budget. However, make sure you are doing your research on location to ensure you are happy with your decision.  



We all have other costs these days and traveling is no exception. First and foremost you should make sure that you have adequate travel insurance. Once again you can shop around using comparison websites, but just make sure you are insured for the type of trip you are taking. Skiing, for example, may not be covered in a basic plan.


In addition to insurance, we all want to stay connected on our travels, but the problem is more often than not our mobile plans don’t cover international rates. However, there are companies popping up which are starting to offer discounted prices for using calls, texts, and data while abroad so make sure you do some research into those. Once again comparison websites like have done a lot of the work for you.


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