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Turn Your Passion for the Arts Into A Successful Career

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


If you’re a creative who’s passionate about the arts, have you ever longed to start a career in this field? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with options, or don’t quite know where to start. Here are some brilliant jobs for creative and artistic people. 



Have you ever considered working in fashion? You could go to school to be a designer, which can be a competitive but highly rewarding job. But there are plenty of other fashion-related careers to consider, too! Pattern makers are in high demand, as they design the patterns for clothes, bags, and home decor. You could also work as a dressmaker and turn your passion for sewing into your own business. Or how about working on the commercial side of fashion? If you’ve got an eye for all the best looks, you could become a personal shopper or a wardrobe stylist for the rich and famous! 



Many art enthusiasts spend a whole lot of time perusing art galleries. But have you ever dreamed of working in one? Art galleries, like Park West Gallery, have a range of staff, each with slightly different skills. If you want to work in curating, you’ll most likely need a bachelor or maybe even a postgraduate degree in an art or museums related subject. There are other roles on offer at a gallery, including marketing, events, education, and visitor assistance. For some of these roles, you could take internships or volunteer to gain experience in the industry. Being able to demonstrate your love and knowledge of the art world will be vital. 



If you love working with kids, or in the local community, a teaching position might be your ideal role! Many schools will want you to have an art degree, a teaching qualification, and some experience working with children. Local groups or community colleges might all have their own requirements, although you’ll most likely have to demonstrate your technical ability and your aptitude for working with people. 


Art therapist 

If you love helping people as much as you love arts, then an art therapist career could be for you. You’ll need a degree and plenty of experience working with your desired client group. You could choose to work with children, disabled people, or people with mental health concerns. Either way, you’ll be putting your love of arts to good use by helping people to express themselves in a way that they may otherwise struggle to. This can be a gratifying yet challenging career. You’ll need to have plenty of empathy, but also have the ability to not take the emotional strain home with you. 



This is an obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning. So many people are still stuck with the old notion of the ‘starving artist,’ thinking it’s impossible to make a living as a creative. It may still be true for some people, but many others can make a lucrative and satisfying career out of selling their art. Use the internet to your best advantage. You can trade on sites like Etsy, and use social media for marketing your work. But don’t forget about marketing in real life, too. It’s still just as important as ever to attend craft fairs and network with other local artists. 

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