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Tips For Making Your Home More Child-friendly Joe Batluck

Many parents would like to decorate their home in the style that they love, but if they have little ones in the house, they will need to be taken into consideration too.


Children can potentially hurt themselves if their home is not child-friendly, so what changes can you make to your home, so that it’s child-friendly, but still looks good We’re going to take a look at this now:

Replace Long Drapes With Blinds

Long drapes can seem fun to climb, children can wrap themselves around them, and even wipe their dirty hands on them too. If this sounds like something your children may do, you might want to consider opting for some blinds instead.  


Wood blinds won’t hang down very far, and the cord can be wound around a hook on the wall, out of reach.


If you’re worried that your child will play with the cord that comes with a blind, make sure you keep it out of reach, and wind it around a hook so it doesn’t dangle. Another option is to tie a knot in the cord as doing so will shorten it.

These days you can find all sorts of wood blinds that can give you that modern look you love, without you worrying that your children will pull them down.

Put Stain-Repellant Fabric On Your Furniture

If you have light colored furniture, you may want to think about covering it with some stain-repellant. Accidents can happen, and a child’s dirty fingers may also find their way on to your sofa.


Stain-repellant fabric will ensure that those nasty looking stains disappear, helping your sofa to look as good as new once more. If you are on the lookout for some new furniture, make sure it’s easy and cheap to clean.


Store Your Harmful Products Out Of Reach

Cleaning products and medication can all be quite harmful if a child gets their hands on them. Keep these products out of reach of little ones, and try to use them when they’re asleep, or in another room.


But it’s not just cleaning products and medication that can be harmful to children, mouthwashes, perfumes, vitamins, supplements, and bath oils can also cause harm. Keep all of these out of reach, and out of sight too.

Combined Seating And Storage

If you have a child or two in your home, you probably already realize that their things can take up a lot of room. If your home seems too crowded with toys, clothes, and other child-related items, re-think your storage options.


Buy chairs that double up as a storage space. Look for desks with hidden cupboards in them. Make extra storage space in a closet by adding some shelving. A few more storage options can go a long way, and make your home a lot tidier.

Making your home more child-friendly is so important if little ones are going to be living there. Everyone wants their home to be safe for their children, and the good news is that making it safe is not that difficult, or expensive.


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