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The Ultimate Beach Day Bucket (And Spade) List


For anyone who wants to make a plan for a sunny day, there is nothing better than taking a trip to the seaside. As soon as the sun comes out and the weather brightens up, we all have a beach day on our minds and we all want to make the most of a magical day by the coast. If you are planning a beach day with your family and friends in the next few weeks, here are all of the things you should tick off your list.


Try some water sports

If you want to are your beach trip a little bit more exciting this summer, you can visit a Marriott's Barony Beach Club and take part in some fun waterspouts as a family. You can glide on the water behind a boat, hire a banana boat and see how long you can all stay afloat, or even take a dive into the ocean and see the ocean life first hand.



There’s no better way to spend a hot day than to simply lie on the sand and top up your tan. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, a radio to listen to in the sun and some snacks to keep you going!


Get an ice cream

No day at the beach is complete without tracking down an ice cream van and enjoying a sweet treat with your family. Ice cream is one of those foods which just screams summer, and your day at the beach will be complete once you take that first lick!


Bring a picnic

If you plan on staying at the beach until the sun sets, you can bring along a few picnic foods to snack on with your family throughout the day. Pack up a fruit salad with watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, and apples: make a few sandwiches for a road: and bring a few bars of chocolate and crisps to keep you all full throughout your day. You can pack everything in a cooler bag and make sure it all stays fresh for the entire day!


Build a sandcastle

Why not let the big kid out in you and build a big sandcastle on the beach this summer? You can build a fort, make turrets and enjoy being a child for a few hours before the tide comes in and washes it away. Alternatively, you can act like Chandler on Friends and bury one of your family members in the sand while they nap!


Swim in the sea

Swimming in the sea is something which you might be scared to do, but it is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. You can start with a paddle in the shallow waters and then be brave and immerse yourself a little further into the water. There is nothing more refreshing on a boiling hot day than to swim in the sea.


Go rock pooling

Love animals? The. You can bring a small net and bucket with you and explore the rock pools by the shore. You will likely be able to come across plenty of crabs, some small fish and other creatures along the way which will give you a whole new appreciation of the sea. Just make sure that you return the animals back to their pools at the end of the day.

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