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Take It To The Next Level: How You Can Earn A Living From Your Crafting Hobby

Have you got a special talent? Perhaps you like to sew, make clothes or other items? Is there a potential market to sell your beautifully made items? Then maybe now is the time to turn what was a hobby into something that could earn you a living.


It’s the dream, isn’t it? Working for yourself and having that perfect home and life balance. Using your skill and creating your own little business is one of the great ways to achieve this. Especially if you are always having people ask you how you got that item and the answer is from yourself. Many people have decided to take their crafting to the next level and set up a small business from home, so I thought that it would be an ideal time to share with you some of the ways you could do the very same. I hope it inspires you to take that next level.





Get the message out there

One of the first things you need to consider is getting the message out there about your items or product. It might be worth speaking with the local authorities and either organizing an event or getting involved in one. A great way to advertise this would be to create flyers and hand them out in local stores and to people. It’s also a fabulous way to see whether your inclination is right and that you could potentially have a profitable small business on your hands.


Use selling platforms or even create your own website

Having decided that there is a market for your item, you now need a way of selling. Of course, you can attend events and sell face to face, but another great idea would be to utilize online selling platforms like eBay or Etsy. Etsy is a website designed for selling handmade or unique items so your niche could work on a website like that. If you want to take things seriously then maybe creating your own website would be the way forward. There are plenty of website themes with builders like WordPress or Blogger that offer e-commerce facilities.


Social media is a free way to advertise

Take advantage of social media as free advertising. You may have your own personal profiles so a great suggestion would be to get friends and family involved by liking your business page and sharing it with their friends. The more people that do this, the more of a following you will get. Potentially leading on to sales. However, make sure you are consistent with social media uploads and upload regularly. From status updates to pictures, fans will always love to see what you are up to.





Invest in the right things

Taking things seriously could mean investing in new machinery or tools for the job. Such as a new sewing machine or different fabrics. Don’t be afraid to trust in your ability and make that investment.


Network and even feature in local shops

Finally, many people like to shop local these days, and more stores are opening on our high street once more. So strike up a relationship with a busy shop and get your products in there. Of course, this will only work if the shop sells similar items, or your type of product would be typically found in there.

I hope this has offered much-needed inspiration to take your crafting hobby to the next level.

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