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Super Stitcher Award Program

There’s no better way to connect with others who love what you
love than by visiting your local fabric or yarn shop. Browse your
shop’s great selection of books and treat yourself!
If you’re not a Super Stitcher yet, it’s a fun way to 1) support your
local quilt, fabric, and yarn shops, and 2) earn free books!
Becoming a Super Stitcher’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Find your local shop. Use our handy Shop Locator to find
one near you. Super Stitcher shops have a special logo next to
their listing that looks like this:  
2. Pick up your Super Stitcher card. Super Stitcher shops
have a stack of stamp cards at the ready. Drop in and pick one
up for yourself! (Or,contact us and we’ll send a card to your door.)
3. Collect nine stamps and get a free book.Get your card
stamped each time you purchase any Martingale book or product
from your local shop. When you have nine stamps, send your card
to us for a free book or eBook of your choice.
And don’t forget—April is DOUBLE STAMP month. Buy
any Martingale book or product at your local shop during April,
and you’ll get your card stamped twice!
(Sorry, but online orders cannot be stamped—you must visit your
local Super Stitcher shopin person to participate.)
Become a Super Stitcher right now—find your local participating 
shop to get started. You can read more details about Super Stitcher
awards and double-stamp month here.

Happy stitching, Super Stitchers!

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