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Should You Let Your Kids Play Mobile Games?


In this day and age, it is quite difficult to escape the far-reaching grasp of technology. Technology advancements are everywhere, and they influence everything in your life. iPhones, new mobile games, robots, and computers as personal assistants - it’s safe to say that things can only get more tech-based in the future.


However, when it comes to kids and mobile games, things are a bit different. There is a tiny line between addiction and healthy gaming habits. Thus, it’s vital to determine when and if your kids should play mobile games.

Are mobile games bad?

Numerous studies about kids and mobile games have been conducted. However, the results of these studies are a bit inconclusive.


Most experts agree that, in order to introduce children to games and mobile phones, you should create a balance. No child will ever reap enough benefits from games to replace the benefits they could have from reading a good book. However, given the fact that it is the 21st century and that you cannot ignore technology, children are more prone to gaming than their parents.


Still, even though there can be adverse effects, mobile games can also have a great influence on your children.


Nowadays, there is a great variety of mobile games that can help the children improve their cognitive skills. These games can even help them learn more about the world. They are PG-friendly, and most parents would agree that they’ve seen spectacular results from their children playing them.


However, you cannot control everything in your child’s life. Thus, there will come a time when your child will ask or even try to play a non-suitable mobile game without your permission. Still, there’s no need to overreact, as that is entirely normal.


Kids are curious, and the more you forbid something, they will want it more. Hence, striking the right balance with all kinds of games is crucial. Moreover, it can prove to be more beneficial than you might have thought.

The right limit

When it comes to balancing out the time spent on mobile games, it is essential to introduce the limits early on. If you find yourself unable to separate your children from their phone, more often than not, they’ve seen that sort of behavior in your home, or you’ve remembered far too late that balance is needed.


So, before you allow your children to play mobile games, you should create a schedule. Most parents think that half an hour per day is quite enough. However, others might feel that it’s too much for young children.


You are the one who knows your child, so it is entirely up to you whether you’ll allow them to play mobile games and for how long. The important thing is to assess the child’s behavior and introduce them to games that have educational content but are still fun to play.

Which games should you pick?

Even though you are a parent, you’ve probably played mobile games yourself. And, more often than not, you’ve spent a lot of time doing so.


However, the games your children should play are far different than those that interest you. You are probably more inclined to pick as your preferred gaming spot. Meanwhile, your child will want to play something with a lot of sounds, colors, and interesting challenges.


Luckily, there are numerous lists of games suitable for children. You just have to figure out what your child’s interests are and try a few games to see how they feel about them.


Puzzles, memory games and “take care of your pet” games are a good start, especially if you want to let your child build certain skills. Once they get a bit older, they can start playing racing, time management, and storyline games.


And, in the meantime, you too can also indulge in a game or two. Check out Mobilcasino for more information about mobile casino games for parents with some spare time.

Mobile gaming addiction

Addiction to any sort of gaming doesn’t happen overnight. It is a continuous process, and most of the time, you cannot blame the child for it. It is your responsibility to determine how much you should allow your child to play mobile games. Furthermore, you should play each game before them and figure out if the content is educational, fun or just violent.


With the right balance, you can avoid mobile gaming addiction and experience only the benefits. When children have a set schedule for gaming, they get used to it and learn to appreciate it. Thus, even in the future, there is only a small chance that they will succumb to the “play all day” mode. Still, even then you can introduce limits again and create a healthy mobile gaming environment.


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