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How Should a Christian Live? - Book Review

One of four volumes, How Should a Christian Live? Word of Promise Next Generation Devotional is a devotional guide directed towards youth. Each volume includes an MP3 CD, a devotional guide and a journaling section.

When I requested this title for review, I wasn’t aware its focus was on youth. I was a bit surprised upon its arrival but found I was interested in the different learning styles presented to capture one’s attention and I can see benefit in utilizing this concept with devotionals geared towards adult learning as well.

Because people learn and retain information in different ways, this series is very versatile. It appeals to many different ways of learning through listening, reading, writing, applying and even game playing with word searches and such. It is sure to gain your child’s attention as well as your own. How Should a Christian Live is truly an interactive learning devotional.

Volume three, referred to as the “How” volume, focuses on the continued study of Jesus and how that will impact our lives. The topic of How is expressed in thirteen lessons. Each lesson includes a GET-IT, GRAB-IT, HOLD-IT, GIVE-IT, DEFINE-IT and LIVE-IT feature.

The four volumes include: What is Salvation?, Why Should I Choose Jesus?, Who is Jesus?, and How Should a Christian Live?. This series is geared towards a reading level of 9-12 year olds. The series is published as paperbacks and their dimensions are 8.9 x 6.9 x 0.7 inches – a very manageable size for this age group. How Should a Christian Live? has 176 pages. 


 This book was provided free through the Book Sneeze blogger program.  

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